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OCM 12cFranck Pachot has 20 years of experience in Oracle databases. Through his expertise as a DBA, Oracle expert, data architect, and performance specialist, he is able to cover all database areas: architecture, data modeling, database design, tuning, operation, and training. Franck knows how to enable an efficient collaboration between the developers and the operational team when it comes to troubleshooting issues or performance tuning.

RSSOracle ACE Franck is Oracle Certified Master (OCM 12c), Oracle ACE Director and proud member of Oraworld-team.

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Franck Pachot

Modern software architecture – what is a database?

By | Database Administration & Monitoring | 3 Comments

This blog post is focused at developers and software architects. I’m probably not writing at the right place. You’re on an infrastructure experts blog and the author is an Oracle DBA. So what can you learn from someone working on that 30 years old technology talking about that old SQL language ? You run with modern languages, powerful frameworks, multi-layer architecture, micro-services, distributed database and of course all open-source. You hate your DBA because he…

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Franck Pachot


By | Database Administration & Monitoring | No Comments

I’m at Oracle Open World and I’m rather focused on database rather than all those Cloud topics, but one product caught my attention at the Oracle ACED Briefing. Oracle bought Ravallo systems at the beginning of the year. What is Ravello? You have virtualized your applications on VMware and want to move them to the Cloud… without any changes.  

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Franck Pachot

Oracle 12cR2 Optimizer Adaptive Statistics

By | Database Administration & Monitoring | 6 Comments

When 12.1 came out, the major issue we encountered after migration was related to the new adaptive features of the optimizer: automatic reoptimization, SQL Plan Directives and the resulting dynamic sampling. Of course, Oracle product managers listen to feedbacks, ensure to provide workarounds or fixes and make things better for next release. Let’s see what has been announce on this topic for 12.2  

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Franck Pachot

Oracle 12cR2 SQL new feature: LISTAGG overflow

By | Database Administration & Monitoring | No Comments

LISTAGG was a great feature introduced in 11g: put rows into line with a simple aggregate function. 12cR2 adds an overflow clause to it. What happens when you have so many rows that the LISTAGG result is too long? SQL> select listagg(rownum,’,’)within group(order by rownum) from xmltable(‘1 to 10000′); select listagg(rownum,’,’)within group(order by rownum) from xmltable(‘1 to 10000′) * ERROR at line 1: ORA-01489: result of string concatenation is too long An error at runtime,…

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