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OCM 11gFranck Pachot has 20 years of experience in Oracle databases. Through his expertise as a DBA, Oracle expert, data architect, and performance specialist, he is able to cover all database areas: architecture, data modeling, database design, tuning, operation, and training. Franck Pachot knows how to enable an efficient collaboration between the developers and the operational team when it comes to troubleshooting issues or performance tuning.

RSSOracle ACE Franck is Oracle Certified Master (OCM 11g) and an Oracle ACE.

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Oracle locks, Reading AWR

Franck Pachot

Query V$UNDOSTAT for relevant time window

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When you have a query failing in ‘ORA-01555: snapshot too old: rollback segment number … with name … too small’ you have two things to do: Convince the developer that the rollback segment is not too small because the message text comes from old versions Find information about query duration, undo retention and stolen blocks statistics. This is the goal of this post  

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Franck Pachot

Do you use SQL Plan Baselines?

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I can hear a lot of complaints about the instability coming from the adaptive features introduced into the optimizer logic at each releases. Giving more intelligence to the optimizer is very good to improve the response time for generated queries, BI, ad-hoc reporting. But when you have an OLTP that works for years with its static set of queries, then you don’t appreciate the plan instability coming from (in reverse chronological order and not exhaustive):…

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Franck Pachot

You are in Standard Edition One? Don’t worry.

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You want the amazing features of Oracle SQL and PL/SQL with minimal cost. Your database is too large for Oracle XE edition, but not big enough to require the cost of Enterprise Edition. You accept to do things manually, have maintenance windows. You are ok with a RTO of 5 minutes (time to switchover with Dbvisit standby), RPO of 10 minutes (archive_lag_target=600). Your servers have no more than 2 sockets. So you opted for Standard…

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