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OCM 12cFranck Pachot has 20 years of experience in Oracle databases. Through his expertise as a DBA, Oracle expert, data architect, and performance specialist, he is able to cover all database areas: architecture, data modeling, database design, tuning, operation, and training. Franck knows how to enable an efficient collaboration between the developers and the operational team when it comes to troubleshooting issues or performance tuning.

RSSOracle ACEOracle ACE Franck is Oracle Certified Master (OCM 12c), Oracle ACE Director and proud member of Oraworld-team and Oak Table.

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12.2 Multitenant New Security Features to Clarify DevOps and DBA role separation
Düsseldorf (DE) , May 14th

12cR2/18c security features to clarify DBA role in DevOps
Sopot (PL), Sept. 7th

Join Methods: Nested Loop, Hash, Sort, Merge, Adaptive

Franck Pachot

Oracle is hanging? Don’t forget hanganalyze and systemstate!

By | Database management, Oracle | 11 Comments

sqlplus / as sysdba oradebug setmypid oradebug unlimit oradebug hanganalyze 3 oradebug dump ashdumpseconds 30 oradebug dump systemstate 266 oradebug tracefile_name Your Oracle database – production DB, of course – is hanging. All users are blocked. You quickly check the obvious suspects (archivelog destination full, system swapping, etc.) but it’s something else. Even you, the Oracle DBA, cannot do anything: any select is hanging. And maybe you’re even not able to connect with a simple…

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Franck Pachot

Archivelog deletion policy for Standby Database in Oracle Data Guard

By | Database Administration & Monitoring, Oracle | 41 Comments

Do you use ARCHIVELOG DELETION POLICY TO APPLIED ON ALL STANDBY for your Oracle databases in Data Guard? Maybe you also use the Fast Recovery Area as archive log destination. That’s good practice! But did you ever check that it works as expected? What I mean is this: The archived logs that you don’t need are reclaimable by the FRA when space is needed And the archived logs that are required for availability (standby or…

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Franck Pachot

Sockets, Cores, Virtual CPU, Logical CPU, Hyper-Threading: What is a CPU nowadays?

By | Application integration & Middleware, Oracle | 4 Comments

Because people know that I really like Oracle AWR reports, they send them to me from time to time. Here is one I have received for Christmas with the following question: ‘Since our AIX server is virtualized, the response times are 4x longer. I feel that we are CPU bound, but cpu usage is mostly idle. Is there something hidden?’ It is a question that is frequently raised with virtualized environments. Here, we will see…

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