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Documentum xPlore: Several ways to start an Index Agent

In order to start index agents, you have several ways, depending on how you need to start them.

1. Use the documentum job dm_FTIndexAgentBoot. If you setup start_index_agents=T in the server.ini, the job will be called when the docbases are started.

2. Use the web interface:
Login to http://server:9200/IndexAgent/ with docbase credentials and select “Start in normal mode”

3. Login to DA and go to Indexing Management -> Index Agents and Index Servers
Right click on an index agent and select “Start Agent”

4. Use IAPI command to start it:

select index_name from dm_fulltext_index;
select object_name from dm_ftindex_agent_config;


5. Use Java:
java -cp $DM_HOME/lib/server-impl.jar:$DOCUMENTUM/dfc/dfc.jar com.documentum.server.impl.utils.IndexAgentCtrl -docbase_name <docbasename> -user_name <username> -action start


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Stephane Biehler
Stephane Biehler