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Stéphane Haby

SQL Server Tips: Logical names don’t match with physical files names

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During a copy of a database from an environment to another (from Production to pre-production for instance), people usually don’t changed the logical name of the data or log files when they rename the database and the physical file names. In my test environment, I create 2 copies of AdventureWorks and you can see that the logical name is the same for all three databases. I can choose 2 ways to detect if logical names…

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Morgan Patou

Migration of QlikView Services

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QlikView is a product of the software company named Qlik (previously known as QlikTech) which was designed to provide business intelligence & visualization capabilities using reports or dashboards. The QlikView solution is in fact composed of some components just like a Documentum environment (Content Server, WebServer, JMS, aso…). So QlikView is composed of three main components: QlikView Server: the core of the QlikView solution which provide access to the QlikView Documents for the users QlikView…

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Oracle Team

Oracle 12c: comparing TTS with noncdb_to_pdb

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By Franck Pachot . How to migrate from non-CDB to CDB? Of course all known migration methods works. But there is also another solution: upgrade to 12c if necessary and then convert the non-CDB to a PDB. This is done with the noncdb_to_pdb.sql which converts a non-CDB dictionary to a PDB one, with metadata and object links. But do you get a clean PDB after that ? I tested it and compared the result with…

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Oracle Team

Oracle et Dbvisit Replicate pour migrer sans arrêt de service… et sans stress

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By Franck Pachot . Je viens d’assister au Webinar Zero Downtime Migration pour Oracle, présenté par Chris Lawless qui est récemment passé de Product Manager Golden Gate à Product Manager Dbvisit.  Je vais détailler ici un point très important évoqué par Chris Lawless. La migration par réplication n’est pas seulement envisagée pour éviter un arrêt de service. Arrêt nécéssaire lors de la migration proprement dite (qui peut aller de quelques minutes à plusieurs heures en…

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Pierre Sicot

Oracle Database 12c: Database Migration Assistant for Unicode

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The choice of the correct character set before you create an Oracle 12c database is an important decision. You have to know the type of data you have to store and the languages needed by the Oracle database. Oracle recommends to choose Unicode for its universality and compatibility. It supports all written languages and most of the technical and scientific symbols. Before Oracle 12c changing the database character set was an pretty nasty task and…

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Grégory Steulet

Mysqldump issue – SELECT command denied to user

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During one of my last MySQL mission, I encountered a “security error” with mysqldump. The mission was about migrating a MySQL database from one box to another MySQL version and from Windows to Linux with different users. In order to do that, I used mysqldump. During the import of the data, I got the following warning: ERROR 1449 (HY000) at line 1860: The user specified as a definer (‘cdadmin’@’%’) does not exist Following the migration,…

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Arnaud Berbier

Upgrading your Oracle Internet Application Server license

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With the appearance of WebLogic Server as Oracle application server and the emergence of the Oracle Fusion Middleware suite, some may wonder what will be the support of their Oracle Internet Application server license, e. g. Oracle Forms and Reports services, Business Intelligence Edition, etc. As a consultant, I am often dealing with these kinds of problems and aiming to improve license benefits. In this post, I want to focus on Oracle Internet Application server licenses.

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Grégory Steulet

Oracle Application Express (APEX) 4.1: a migration guide

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Oracle Application Express – APEX 4.1 Introduces many new features such as :

  • Improved error handling and user-defined exception processing

  • Application Express now supports the use of ROWID for updates, inserts and deletes as an alternative to specifying primary keys

  • Developers can now easily add the capability for end-users to load spreadsheet data into existing tables within an application

  • The calendar wizards have been enhanced to include the ability to create an Edit page as part of creating the calendar

  • Building on their initial introduction in Release 4.0, the look and feel of Websheets in Release 4.1 has been substantially improved and the controls redesigned to make it more intuitive for users

A complete list of APEX new features can be found on:

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