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Clemens Bleile

Recommended DB Parameters on the Oracle Database Appliance (ODA)

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When creating a DB on the ODA using # oakcli create database -db <db-name> a template is used to set a couple of DB parameters like e.g. _datafile_write_errors_crash_instance=FALSE _db_writer_coalesce_area_size=16777216 _disable_interface_checking=TRUE _ENABLE_NUMA_SUPPORT=FALSE _FILE_SIZE_INCREASE_INCREMENT=2143289344 _gc_policy_time=0 _gc_undo_affinity=FALSE db_block_checking=’FULL’ db_block_checksum=’FULL’ db_lost_write_protect=’TYPICAL’ filesystemio_options=’setall’ parallel_adaptive_multi_user=FALSE parallel_execution_message_size=16384 parallel_threads_per_cpu=2 use_large_pages=’ONLY’ In recent projects I saw a couple of DBs running on ODA, which did not have (all) those parameters set, because the DBs were migrated from a non-ODA-platform and the customer took over…

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Franck Pachot

ODA X6 installation: re-image

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The Oracle Database Appliance is shipped with a bare-metal installation which may not be the latest version. You may want to have it virtualized, or get the latest version to avoid further upgrade, or install an earlier version to be in the same configuration as another ODA already in production. The easiest for all cases is to start with a re-image as soon as the ODA is plugged. This post is not a documentation, just…

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David Hueber

ODA – 32GB template but got a database with 16GB SGA???

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I got an interesting question today from a customer which created a database on ODA. He selected the template odb-04 which shows 32GB Memory but got a database with a 16GB SGA… Is it due to the PGA size, a limitation in the system, the huge pages usage which is reached or even a bug?  

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Franck Pachot

2 x ODA X6-2S + Dbvisit Standby: Easy DR in SE

By | Database Administration & Monitoring | 3 Comments

What’s common with Standard Edition, simplicity, reliability, high performance, and affordable price? Dbvisit standby can be an answer because it brings Disaster Recovery to Standard Edition without adding complexity ODA Lite (the new X6-2S and 2M) is another answer because you can run Standard Edition in those new appliance. So it makes sense to bring them together, this is what I did recently at a customer.  

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Franck Pachot

ODA X6 database classes and shapes

By | Database Administration & Monitoring | 8 Comments

On the Oracle Database Appliance, like on the Oracle public Cloud, you define the CPU capacity with ‘shapes’. On the latest ODA, the X6, we have a new interface to provision a database. Let’s look at the different shapes available. ODACLI You can provision a new database with the command line ODACLI which replaces the OAKCLI you used in ODA X5: [root@odax6m ~]# odacli create-database Usage: create-database [options] Options: * –adminpassword, -mm Password for SYS,SYSTEM…

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Daniel Westermann

ODA workshop at Arrow ECS

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On the 16th and 17th of June David Hueber, Georges Grey and myself had the chance to attend the ODA hands on workshop at Arrow ECS. Lead Trainer Ruggero Citton (Oracle ODA Product Development) did the first day with plenty of theory and examples. On the second day we had the opportunity to play on a brand new ODA X5-2: [root@odax50 ~]# oakcli show server Power State : On Open Problems : 0 Model :…

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