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Oracle 12c – Managing RMAN persistent settings via SQL

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RMAN persistent settings can be managed in two different ways. Via the RMAN interface – e.g. RMAN> CONFIGURE BACKUP OPTIMIZATION ON; Via SQL – e.g. VARIABLE RECNO NUMBER; EXECUTE :RECNO := SYS.DBMS_BACKUP_RESTORE.SETCONFIG(‘BACKUP OPTIMIZATION’,’ON’); There are several scenarios when it might be helpful to use the SQL way. I will show 3 of them: Automation Reset to default Rebuilding the RMAN persistent settings after losing all controlfiles (no catalog) Let’s take a look at the first…

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Windows: Sauvegarde RMAN sur un disque partagé

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Dans ce blog, je vais vous expliquer comment exporter les backups RMAN sur un « share disk » appartenant à un Domaine. Assurer la sécurité des données est l’une des tâches principales de l’administrateur : La mise en œuvre d’une protection des fichiers sensibles de la base : Fichier de contrôle Fichiers de journalisation La mise en place d’une stratégie de sauvegarde/récupération : Adaptée aux contraintes de l’entreprise Testée et documentée. Afin de vous documenter sur les différentes techniques de sauvegarde…

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Olivier Toussaint

How to manage your containers in Oracle Storage Cloud Service ?

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Oracle Cloud Storage Service provides secure, scalable and consistent data from any environment. To get a higher flexibility for your backups, I suggest to use a CloudBerry application in Oracle Public Cloud. This application can be used on Cloud Backup and Recovery in PaaS and IaaS infrastructures. We are going to use it for our DbaaS in PaaS infrastructure. However, a user-friendly third party tool can also be used as CloudBerry Explorer for OpenStack as…

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Franck Pachot

RMAN 12c Push and Pull duplicate explained

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Oracle Database 12c introduced the ‘restore from service’ where you can restore and recover by requesting backupsets from the source. With that feature, the duplicate from active can work in the opposite way: instead of asking the source (target) to send the files to the destination (auxiliary) now the destination can do all the job. Let’s see how it works by comparing the RMAN log of the two methods.  

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Pierre Sicot

UKOUG Day 4: Oracle Cloud Control 12c for DBAs

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Today’s first session was a round table session with Andrew Bullock, Director of Application and systems management at Oracle. The main result of this session was that the main people using Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c were DBA and not so much system or Weblogic Administrators. It appears also that not so many DBA have realized in production the upgrade from Grid Control 11g to Cloud Control 12c, because in case of a huge number…

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David Hueber

Oracle 12c: Pluggable databases not that isolated

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As you probably know, the multitenant databases is the new feature of Oracle 12c to solve the dilema of applications segregation. Thanks to a multitenant container database, it allows to manage many databases as one taking advantage of resources consolidation. A perfect way to manage several applications in a single container. However are these plugglable databases that isolated as expected? Not exactly: As I will show in this posting, a single PDB can, under certain…

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Yann Neuhaus

“ORA-01665: control file is not a standby control file”: what can I do?

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You have certainly also received this error once in you Oracle DBA career: “ORA-01665: control file is not a standby control file” while trying to create a standby database with RMAN through a full database backup. In fact, the feature itself is not very new. It exists since at least RMAN 10g, it is called the “Restore Failover”. In order to create a Data Guard configuration, you need a standby database on the standby server….

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Hervé Schweitzer

RMAN backup is failing due to “corrupt blocks”

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Last week, I was not able to complete a backup because of the ORA-19566 error: “exceeded limit of 0 corrupt blocks”. Here is what you can do to fix it. Starting Point: backup error Here is the starting point of this case. The following error is found in the RMAN Backup log file: allocated channel: ch1 channel ch1: sid=25 devtype=DISK Starting backup at 27-APR-11 channel ch1: starting incremental level 0 datafile backupset channel ch1: specifying…

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