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Mouhamadou Diaw

PostgreSQL : barman rsync method vs streaming method

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Barman is a tool to perform backup and recovery for PostgreSQL databases. It can do backup using two methods: -rsync/ssh -streaming In this blog I am going to explain how to use these two methods to backup a PostgreSQL database. Generally it is a good practice to dedicate a server for barman instead of installing it on the database server. My environment is described below postgreSQL server: dbi-pg-essentials Centos 7 barman server: pgservertools…

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Cesare Cervini

A few scripting languages for Documentum

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Beside the obsolete dmbasic, the autistic dmawk, the verbose java with the DfCs, the limited iapi (for API) and idql (for DQL) command-line tools, Documentum does not offer any scripting language for the administrator and the out-of-the-box experience is quite frustrating in this respect. It has been so even before the java trend so it is not a maneuver to force the use of the DfCs or to rely on it for administrative tasks. It…

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Mehdi Bada

Docker EE – UCP 3.1.2 installation failed in Azure

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Docker EE 2.1 is a Containers-as-a-Service (CaaS) platform on-premise or in the cloud. To manage your cluster of containers, Docker EE allows you to install UCP (Universal Control Panel). When you plan to install the UCP 3.1.2 in Azure, the installation fails during the deployment of the UCP service. You will get the following error message. [docker@docker-manager000 ~]$ docker logs ucp-reconcile   If you google the error message you will get a lot of answers…

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Diawo Mayaki

How To Create A New Container Group Using Azure CLI

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Steps To Create A New Container Group Using Azure CLI Before starting, a MSDN account is needed to use the Azure platform, please refer to your manager for further information. In this tutorial, the Azure CLI command-line tool will be install on Windows and we will deploy a website running the open source GHOST platform. Choose the right operating system to install the command-line tool. The information can be found here. When the installation is done, launch the command…

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Jérôme Dubar

OBUG 2019 – First event from Oracle Users Group in Belgium!

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Introduction It’s the first edition of the Techdays, the Oracle community event in Belgium. This event happened in Antwerp these past 2 days, and a lot of speakers came from around the world to talk about their experience on focused subjects. Really amazing to heard such high-level conferences. And it was a great pleasure for me because I’ve been working in Belgium for several years before. I’ll will try to give you a glimpse of…

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David Diab

Documentum – MigrationUtil – 2 – Change Docbase Name

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You are attending the second episode of the MigrationUtil series, today we will change the Docbase Name. If you missed the first one, you can find it here. I did this change on Documentum CS 16.4 with Oracle database, on the same docbase I already used to change the docbase ID. My goal is to do both changes on the same docbase because that’s what I will need in the future.

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David Diab

Documentum – Process Builder Installation Fails

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A couple of weeks ago, at a customer I received an incident from the application team regarding an error occurred when installing Process Builder. The error message was: “The Process Engine license has not been enabled or is invalid in the ‘RADEV’ repository. The Process Engine license must be enabled to use the Process Builder. Please see your system administrator.”

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Petre Radut

Recover a corrupted datafile in your DataGuard environment 11G/12C.

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On a DG environment, a datafile needs to be recovered on the STANDBY site, in two situations : when is deleted or corrupted. Below, I will explain  how to recover a corrupted datafile, in order to be able to repair the Standby database, without to be necessary to restore entire database. Initial situation : DGMGRL> connect / Connected to “PROD_SITE2″ Connected as SYSDG. DGMGRL> show configuration; Configuration – CONFIG1 Protection Mode: MaxPerformance Members: PROD_SITE2 -…

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