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By William Sescu

Yesterday (15th of March), the 10th Switzerland Exadata Community Meeting took place. It was not a meeting only about Exadata, but also about the Oracle Database Appliances which became more and more popular. It is interesting, how many companies in Switzerland already use Exadata’s or ODA’s.

A big topic was the Exadata software release which includes over 30 unique software features and enhancements, like better analytics, better transaction processing, better consolidation, more secure and faster and more robust upgrades, to mention just a few.

Attached are the slides from Gurmeet Goindi, the Master Product Manager for Exadata who presented the session about the Exadata 12.2 software.

Like in the Exadata Community Meetings before, patching is still one of the hot topics. Oracle puts a lot of effort to make it fast and more robust. Starting with 12.2, parallel firmware upgrades across components such as hard disks, flash, ILOM/BIOS, InfiniBand card are supported which might lead to 5x speed up in storage server software updates. Besides that, the number of reboots for software updates where reduced by using kexec where possible.
Making Exadata patching faster and more robust is in the great interest of Oracle, because Oracle themselves are the biggest Exadata customer in the world. 😉

Another very interesting session from the Accenture Enkitec Group was about the attractiveness of the Oracle Cloud regarding performance and also pricing is some situations.

I am very looking forward to the next Exadata Community Meeting in Switzerland.


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