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Daniel Westermann, some impressions

After we survived the EDB Postgres Rocks cafe on Tuesday, Wednesday was packed with interesting sessions. Especially listening to Robert Haas is always fun and interesting. Getting information directly from the people who work on the core code is one of the beauties of the PostgreSQL community. Several other core developers had sessions as well, and all of them were great. Thanks for all of that.


On Thursday morning, finally, Jan (EDB) and me had the pleasure to talk about “What happens when 30 years of Oracle experience hit PostgreSQL”. As far as I can tell the session was well accepted and we had interesting discussions afterwards. The main goal was to highlight that working in the PostgreSQL area can be very confusing at the very beginning when your only background is Oracle. Seems we hit the goal and the people attending had fun.


A very big thanks to the organizers of the event: Everything, from the registration, the rooms, the food, the drinks and of the course the sessions was great. I do not doubt that next year will be great as well.

Another big thanks to the EDB people (especially Anja and Jan) who let me drop my jacket and notebook at their booth when required. Another big thanks to Devrim for announcing the rpm packages for SLES 12 during the lightning talks which is what I need for a customer project.

Once uploaded all the slides should be available on the PostgreSQL wiki. Check them out, there is really great content.

Btw: There are interesting choices of beer in Poland:

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Daniel Westermann
Daniel Westermann

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