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By Franck Pachot

A few screenshots and a link here. Sysadmins do not like ASM because they don’t have the tools they like to manage the disks. For example, they don’t want to run SQL queries to check performance, and asmcmd iostat is quite limited. Here is a nice way to get I/O statistics easily from command line.

The perl script is from Bertrand Drouvot (do not miss his twitter profile picture) and is easily downloadable from his blog:

It’s only queries on ASM instance, so no risk.

I order to show the relevance, I took screenshots from this script and the XtremIO console from a system where all ASM disks, and only them, are on the XtremIO brick so you can compare statistics from the storage array and from the ASM instance.


ASMIOScreenshot 2016-06-20 15.18.55


ASMIOScreenshot 2016-06-20 15.19.08


ASMIOScreenshot 2016-06-20 15.19.17

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