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Oracle Database 12c: SecureFiles enhancements

By | Database management | 2 Comments

Oracle Database 12c features with some enhancements for LOB objects and particularly for the SecureFiles. This is not a revolution, but we can see that the range of possibilities with LOB objects increases with the different releases of Oracle… SecureFiles is the default for LOB storage With Oracle 11g, when creating a table containing LOB data, LOB are stored as BASIC FILE per default and the default value for the init parameter DB_SECUREFILE is set…

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How to add new tables in existing Oracle GoldenGate replication

By | Operation systems | No Comments

Introduction Often some times after having setting up a replication environment, it is needed to add additional tables to the replication, where the additional tables have dependency with the current replicated tables. This tasks must be implemented without disturbing the current replication environment Explanation In this example the below tables from schema G001 on Database PROD1 will be added, to an existing Replication from PROD1 to REP CFG_ADV_COND CFG_NARRATIVE_TEMPLATE CFG_REG_REPORT_RULES CMN_LOOKUP CMN_USER_LOGIN Stop the replication…

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