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Nicolas Jardot

AWS re:invent 2018 warm up

The Cloud is now part of our job so we have to get a deeper look on the available services to understand and take best advantage of them. The annual AWS conference re:invent has started tonight in The Venetian at Las Vegas and will last until Friday.

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Today was a bit special because there were no sessions yet but instead I was able to participate to a ride to Red Rock canyon on a Harley Davidson motorbike.

It’s a 56 miles ride and you can enjoy beautiful landscapes very different from the city and the light of the casinos. We were a small group with around 13 bikes and even if it was a bit cold it was a really nice tour. I really recommend people in Vegas to escape the city for few hours to discover such places like Red Rock or Valley of Fire.

Harley Davidson ride to Red Rock Canyon


Then the conference opened on Midnight Madness and an attempt to beat the world record of ensemble air drumming. I don’t know yet if we achieve the goal but I tried to help and participated to the challenge.

AWS re:invent Midnight Madness

The 1st launch of the week has been also done this evening and it’s a new service called AWS RoboMaker. You can now use AWS cloud to develop new robotics applications and use other services like Lex or Polly to allow your robot to understand voice orders and answer it for example.

Tomorrow the real thing begins with hand-on labs and some sessions, stay tuned.

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Nicolas Jardot
Nicolas Jardot

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