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David Diab

Documentum – Process Builder Installation Fails

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A couple of weeks ago, at a customer I received an incident from the application team regarding an error occurred when installing Process Builder. The error message was: “The Process Engine license has not been enabled or is invalid in the ‘RADEV’ repository. The Process Engine license must be enabled to use the Process Builder. Please see your system administrator.”

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Diawo Mayaki

How To Deploy Office Web Apps Server 2013

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The 4 Steps Of Office Web Apps Server 2013 Installation Office Web Apps provides browser-based versions of Excel, One Note, Word and PowerPoint. It also helps users who access files through SharePoint 2013. The objective of this topic is to define the steps to install office web apps 2013, create the farm and the binding so that it can be used within SharePoint 2013 test environment. For this example, we have the following systems in…

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Diawo Mayaki

SharePoint Application Server Role, Web Server IIS Role Error

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Bypassing SharePoint Server 2013 Prerequisites Installation Error On Windows Server 2016   SYMPTOMS Before running the setup of SharePoint 2013 on Windows Server 2016, the prerequisites as the application server role and the web server role have to be installed and during that process, the following error message appears: ROOT CAUSE This error occurs when one or more of the following conditions is true: The product preparation tool does not progress past the configuring application…

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Guillaume Fuchs

Documentum – xPlore – How to Improve the Search results in DA or D2

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When supporting Documentum, we often got complaining from users like “The search is not working” or “I cannot find my document”. The first reflex is to verify if the xPlore is working properly. The second reflex is to perform a search test but all is working correctly. Then we contact user to get more details about his search. Sometimes the only problem is that user does not use the search properly. Indeed the Documentum search…

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Stephane Biehler

Documentum 7+ internal error during installation or upgrade DBTestResult7092863812136784595.tmp

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This blog will go straight to the topic. When upgrading/installing your content server to 7+, you may experience an internal error with a popup telling you to look into a file called something like: DBTestResult7092863812136784595.tmp In fact, the installation process failed to test the database connection. Even if it managed to find your schema previously. In the file you’ll find something like: Last SQL statement executed by DB was: #0 0x00000033b440f33e in waitpid () from…

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Nicolas Penot

Understand Oracle Text at a glance

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What is Oracle Text? Oracle Text provides indexing, word and theme searching, and viewing capabilities for text in query applications and document classification applications. Oracle text activation for a user create user ORATXT identified by oratxt ; grant ctxapp to ORATXT ; grant execute on ctxsys.ctx_cls to ORATXT ; grant execute on ctxsys.ctx_ddl to ORATXT ; grant execute on ctxsys.ctx_doc to ORATXT ; grant execute on ctxsys.ctx_output to ORATXT ; grant execute on ctxsys.ctx_query to…

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Yann Neuhaus

Flashback to the DOAG conference 2018

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Each year, since the company creation in 2010, dbi services attends the DOAG conference in Nürnberg. Since 2013 we even have a booth. The primary goal of participating to the DOAG Conference, is to get an overview about the main trends in the Oracle business. Furthermore, this conference and our booth allow us to welcome our Swiss and German customers and thank them for their trust. They’re always pleased to receive some nice Swiss Chocolate…

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Christophe Cosme

Power BI Report Server Kerberos Setup

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In the case you have the following configuration and requirements Your Power BI, paginated mobile KPI reports are published on your on premise Power BI Report Server (Named i.e. SRV-PBIRS), their data sources is an Analysis Services located on another server (Named i.e. SRV-SSASTAB\INST01, INST01 being the named instance) and you want to track/monitor who is accessing the data on Analysis Services or you have row level security constraints. In such case, if you have…

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Pascal Brand

How to change oam-config.xml to adapt to Oracle Access Manager configuration change

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After upgrading the Oracle Access Manager from to, I extended the WebLogic Domain with User Messaging Services to be able to use the Forget Password feature. The Oracle Support note ID 2302623.1 gives a good example how to do. Oracle Access Manager 12cps3 (OAM Sample Application Demonstrates Forgot Password Flow Using Multi Factor Authentication REST APIs ( Doc ID 2302623.1 ). But the OAM AdaptiveAuthenticatorPlugin was missing the UmsClientUrl property and without…

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