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Franck Pachot

The myth of NoSQL (vs. RDBMS) “joins dont scale”

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By Franck Pachot . I’ll reference Alex DeBrie article “SQL, NoSQL, and Scale: How DynamoDB scales where relational databases don’t“, especially the paragraph about “Why relational databases don’t scale”. But I want to make clear that my post here is not against this article, but against a very common myth that even precedes NoSQL databases. Actually, I’m taking this article as reference because the author, in his website and book, has really good points about…

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Olivier Spiesser

Microsoft Teams, Power Automate and Planner

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As we moved to Teams at dbi and one of our customers, automating tasks was a strong need. One of the tasks that could be automated is the creation of tasks in Microsoft Planner which does not support recurring tasks. Every 4 weeks, we are patching the environment. For everyone awareness and follow up, we need to publish these dates in the planning. As the pace of these tasks is known, it is a bit…

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Mouhamadou Diaw

Oracle Data Guard RedoRoutes : What is Priority 8 ?

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When dealing with cascading or far sync in a Data Guard environment, it is important to understand how to configure the RedoRoutes property. By default, a primary database sends redo to each transport destination that is configured in the destination. We can create more complex transport topology, depending of our environment, using the RedoRoutes property. Basically the RedoRoutes property has this format (redo_routing_rule_1) [(redo_routing_rule_n)] Where each routing rule contains a redo source field and a…

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Franck Pachot

Oracle Autonomous Linux: cron’d ksplice and yum updates

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By Franck Pachot . Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL) is a Linux distribution which is binary compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). However, unlike RHEL, OEL is open source, free to download, free to use, free to distribute, free to update and gets free bug fixes. And there are more frequent updates in OEL than in CentOS, the free base of RHEL. You can pay a subscription for additional support and features (like Ksplice or…

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Lazhar Felahi

Oracle GoldenGate 19c: Cannot register Integrated EXTRACT due to ORA-44004

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The global_name in an oracle database has a direct impact on the Golden Gate Extract process registration we need to do when we create an Integrated Extract. In my example below, I use Oracle GoldenGate MicroServices architecture but the same behaviour occurs with Oracle GoldenGate Classic architecture.   Let’s start with the creation of the Extract process by clicking on the plus button :   Choose Integrated Extract and click on Next button: Fulfill all…

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Jérôme Dubar

Oracle Cloud basics for beginners

By | Cloud, Database Administration & Monitoring, Database management, Hardware & Storage, Operation systems, Oracle | 2 Comments

Introduction Cloud, Cloud, Cloud. Everyone is talking about the Cloud but a lot of people are still in the fog with Cloud technologies. Let’s talk about basic features of the Oracle Cloud, called OCI for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. What is really OCI? OCI is physically a lot of servers in datacenters all around the world. These servers are not very different from the servers you probably have in your own datacenter. Some of these servers…

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Daniel Westermann

Attaching your own CentOS 7 yum repository to AWS SSM

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From some blogs I’ve written in the past you might already know that we are using AWS SSM to patch and maintain the complete EC2 and onprem instances at one of our customers. The previous posts about that topic are here: Avoiding patching madness by using AWS SSM Avoiding patching madness by using AWS SSM A simple Terraform script to create an AWS EC2 playground Schedule reboots of your AWS instances and how that can…

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Franck Pachot

The Oracle ACE program ♠ what it is not ♠

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By Franck Pachot . I had a few questions about the Oracle ACE program recently and I thought about putting some answers there. Of course, that’s only my point of view, there’s an official web page: The program is flexible and open, with a large diversity of people, technologies, contributions, levels,… Then rather than explaining what it is, which would be limiting, I’ll rather tell you… what it is not. It is not a…

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Nabil Saoual

Control-M/EM :Put a job already ordered in dummy mode

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Hi everybody. Today we will see how to put a job in dummy mode on the monitoring part. Introduction: In some case you want, or you will be asked to bypass a treatment. For that, you can put the job in dummy mode. But how can we proceed if this request is needed for a job already ordered and ready to be executed? Example: You made a manual backup and the same task is usually…

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