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Mouhamadou Diaw

PostgreSQL: When wal_level to logical

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wal_level determines the quantity of information written to the WAL. With PostgreSQL 11 the parameter wal_level can have 3 values: -minimal : only information needed to recover from a crash or an immediate shutdown -replica : enough data to support WAL archiving and replication -logical : enough information to support logical decoding. If we want to use logical decoding, wal_level should be set to logical. Logical decoding is the process of extracting all persistent changes…

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Michael Hein

Looping sssd_nss

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Often Linux systems are connected to LDAP via sssd. A high CPU consuming sssd can be seen in top, like below ( e.g. 89.4 % CPU usage): 9020 root 20 0 1296344 466780 333364 R 89.4 0.8 41:20.17 sssd_nss 27227 oracle 20 0 2371676 48320 29732 S 4.3 0.1 27:00.70 oracle One reason could be default configuration of /etc/nsswitch.conf: passwd: db sss files shadow: db sss files group: db sss files This configuration causes sssd_nss…

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David Barbarin

Deploying SQL Server 2019 AGs on K8s with helm charts

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This write-up follows my first article about helm chart with SQL Server. This time, I would like to cover the availability groups topic and how to deploy them with helm charts. In fact, to go through this feature for AGs was motivated to its usage in our Azure DevOps CI pipeline in order to deploy a configurable one on an AKS cluster with SQL Server 2019. If you look carefully at the release pipeline, Windocks…

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Christophe Cosme

Copy or Migrate a SSISDB environment

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Integration catalog is easy to work with and the environments feature is as well very convenient. In SQL Server management Studio, there are a lot of features available to administrate your SQL Server instances, but some are missing that can be very useful. You have the possibility to move an SSISDB environment but this is only possible in another folder of your SSIS catalog. But how if you will to duplicate your environment or move…

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Stephane Biehler

Documentum 7+ internal error during installation or upgrade DBTestResult7092863812136784595.tmp

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This blog will go straight to the topic. When upgrading/installing your content server to 7+, you may experience an internal error with a popup telling you to look into a file called something like: DBTestResult7092863812136784595.tmp In fact, the installation process failed to test the database connection. Even if it managed to find your schema previously. In the file you’ll find something like: Last SQL statement executed by DB was: #0 0x00000033b440f33e in waitpid () from…

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