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Pascal Brand

DOAG 2019: Cloud or Kubernetes on premise and CI/CD pipeline at the top of (my) interest

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The DOAG 2019 is just over now and if I check the subject of sessions I was attending, I have the feeling the Cloud and Kubernetes on-premise deployments and CI/CD pipelines were the top subjects interesting people or may be just me !! I started by a devOps session and then followed a lot of Kubernetes or containers related sessions. The three following sessions are those I directly think about when trying to summarize. “The…

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Casimir Schmid

Persistent Memory and first usage on Oracle Exadata platform

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Todays fastest possible interface for flash storage in terms of bandwidth and latency are DRAM sockets. Exadata X8M is the first Oracle engineered system using this technology that, according to first measurements taken by Oracle corporation, result in 200% read IO increase compared to Exadata X8. Summary from a presentation by Gavin Parish held at DOAG 2019 conference with a comment by Michael Wirz.

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Saïd Mendi

Deploying a MariaDB 10.4 Galera cluster with Clustercontrol

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What is ClusterControl ? Since years, I’m using and installing by customers a management and automation software called “ClusterControl” from Severalnines ( With it, you can easily deploy, manage, monitor and scale your open source database servers or clusters (MariaDB, Percona, Postgres, Galera) from one GUI (Clustercontrol User Interface) on premise or even in the cloud. Some weeks ago, Severalnines announced the version 1.7.4 with several new features. One of these was the support of…

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Mehdi Bada

First day at DOAG 2019 Conference

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This year I have the opportunity to take place at one of the most popular Oracle conferences, the DOAG. In the meantime, I have the chance to give a talk on Thursday about Docker containers. Yes! Because at DOAG we are not only speaking about Oracle products. I’m really impressed by the quality of the presentations. I followed 4 presentations, on different subjects/technologies and the quality of them was very good. David Hueber, OCI vs…

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Hervé Schweitzer

Some news from the DOAG2019

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As each year dbi services is present at the DOAG, but this year it’s a little bit special, because we have a complete new booth which is just wonderful! Big thanks to the dbi services marketing teams which did a marvelous job. What is also new for dbi services, all dbi consultants have they own dedicated tee shirt with dedicated messages and colors. For me it is Mountain, Mountain bike and Natural Trance Music. Therefor…

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Jérôme Dubar

A day of conferences with the Swiss Oracle User Group

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Introduction I’m not that excited with all these events arround Oracle technologies (and beyond) but it’s always a good place to learn new things, and maybe the most important, discover new ways of thinking. And regarding this point, I was not disappointed. Franck Pachot: serverless and distributed database Franck talked about scaling out, it means avoid monoliths. Most of the database servers are this kind of monoliths today. And he advises us to think microservices….

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Mouhamadou Diaw

PostgreSQL 12 : Setting Up Streaming Replication

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PostgreSQL 12 was released a few month ago. When actually setting up a replication, there is no longer recovery.conf file in the PGDATA. Indeed all parameters of the recovery.conf should be now in the postgresql.conf file. And in the cluster data directory of the standby server, therre should be a file named standby.signal to trigger the standby mode. In this blog I am just building a streaming replication between 2 servers to show these changes….

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