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Yann Neuhaus

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c – Database Target remains in Pending state (SLES x86_64 target)

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Last month I was confronted to a very interesting and strange problem while deploying a Cloud Control 12c infrastructure. One of my monitored server was a SuSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 64 bits on which a Oracle database was installed. The x86_64 cloud control 12c agent has been deployed on this server with the standard Cloud Control 12c agent deployment procedure (not the scope of this post). However despite several trials to configure the…

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Grégory Steulet

ORA-03113 caused by Database Vault Rule Sets

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Database Vault solution allows to create rules that manage access to database. Among these rules there is what is called in Database Vault “Rule Sets”. These logic components are written as PL/SQL functions to return Boolean results.

If rule expressions do not match the user context, the access is refused and a specific message can be configured in order to warn the user that he is not authorized to access this specific object. These expressions can be for instance related to the client IP address, the session username, the time or date and many other things.

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Open source Team

PostgreSQL: Un aperçu des outils d’administration

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Nous avons dans les articles précédents vu comment installer PostgreSQL et quels étaient les composants d’une base. Nous abordons maintenant le point de l’action
sur le moteur avec deux outils orientés administration de la base, généralement utilisés par les DBAs. Il s’agit de psql et de PgAdmin. Nous aborderons aussi dans cet article la configuration de connexion au travers des fichiers de configuration du serveur.

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Pierre Sicot

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c: Administration Groups & Template Collections

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This document describes the implementation of the
administration groups and template collections with Oracle Enterprise
Manager Cloud Control 12c.


Administration Groups (improvement of Grid 11g Target Groups) and Template Collections improve the management of targets and ease the monitoring strategy.


Administration Groups allow to organize targets according to several criteria. For instance the Lifecycle status of the target (prod, dev, integration), the location of the target can be used as criteria. The main goal is to apply common settings (i.e monitoring settings) to targets having the same purpose.


The first point about administration groups is to define a clear concept and the hierarchy between these several criteria. The administration groups must be organized in a convenient way according to the company organization. In the next chapter we will present how to handle the hierarchy existing in Cloud Control 12c in order to change it in an administration group organization fitting to the company structure.

The target property is used to implement automatically the target in the appropriate administration group.


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