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Franck Pachot

Refactoring procedural to SQL – an example with MySQL Sakila

By | Development & Performance | 4 Comments

By Franck Pachot What I want to show in this blog post is that, as in mathematics where you have to apply some algebra rules to transform an equation to an equivalent one, the database developer must translate the business specification to an equivalent that is optimized (in performance, reliability and readability) for the data model. I was looking at the Sakila sample database provided with MySQL. It simulates a DVD rental store. For my…

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Jérôme Dubar

Make Oracle database simple again!

By | Database Administration & Monitoring, Database management, Development & Performance, Hardware & Storage, Operation systems, Oracle | 6 Comments

Introduction Let’s have a look at how to make Oracle database as simple as it was before. Oracle database is a great piece of software, yes it’s quite expensive, but it’s still the reference and most of the companies can find a configuration that fits their needs according to a budget. Another complain about Oracle is the complexity: nothing is really simple, and you’ll need skillful DBA(s) to deploy, manage, upgrade, troubleshoot your databases. But…

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Arnaud Berbier

DevOps World – Jenkins World – The Workshop On Day One

By | Application integration & Middleware, Development & Performance, DevOps, Docker, Kubernetes | No Comments

After achieving new challenges during customer activities where I was managing a quite huge project around Kubernetes & Jenkins X EcoSystem, I get the opportunity to attend the DevOps World – Jenkins World in Lisbon.A big thanks as I will better understand all the superheroes in this Jenkins World.The superheroes for me this year is Jenkins X !Today was the 1st day with a dedicated workshop for about ~ 7 hours covering all the important…

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Stéphane Haby

SQL Server 2019: Java in SQL Server hard to believe, no?

By | Development & Performance, DevOps, SQL Server, Technology Survey | No Comments

It has already been a few months that we are testing the next version of SQL Server: SQL Server 2019. I already blogged about a previous version of SQL Server supporting R and Python. With the new version of SQL Server 2019, Java will also be integrated. The Java runtime used is Zulu Open JRE and can be tested from the CTP3.2 of SQL Server 2019 Step 1: The installation Like a lot of people,…

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Markus Segmüller

work Agile in a GxP-regulated environment

By | Development & Performance | No Comments

On 4 June 2019 I followed an invitation to wega-it’s Know-how & Networking Breakfast 2 2019 on “Agile Validation in GxP Projects”. So they were to discuss Agility in the context of GxP regulation. I had some earlier exposure to various kinds of compliance roles and topics, and my current work environment is in the highly regulated Pharma industry. So I was really wondering (and hoping for learning) how you can possibly bring the two…

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Alain Lacour

APEX Connect 2019 – Day 1

By | Application integration & Middleware, Development & Performance, Oracle | No Comments

This year again the APEX connect conference spans over three days with mixed topics around APEX, like JavaScript, PL/SQL and much more. After the welcome speech and the very funny and interesting Keynote about “PL/SQL: A Career Built On Top Of PL/SQL – 25 years of Coding, Sharing, and Learning” by Martin Widlake, I decided to attend presentations on following topics: – Oracle Text – A Powerful Tool for Oracle APEX Developers – Make It…

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Microsoft Team

RCSI with foreign keys, NULL values and paramater sniffing behavior

By | Development & Performance, SQL Server | No Comments

In this blog post let’s go back to the roots (DBA concern) with a discussion with one of my friends about a weird transaction locking issue. In fact, this discussion was specifically around two questions. The first one was why SQL Server continues to use shared locks in RCSI mode leading to blocking scenarios and the second one was about compiled objects with weird NULL value parameter sniffing behavior. This discussion was very funny for…

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Oracle Team

When you change the UNDO_RETENTION parameter, the LOB segment’s retention value is not modified

By | Database Administration & Monitoring, Database management, Development & Performance, Hardware & Storage, Oracle | No Comments

Below, I will try to explain, a particular case for the general error : ORA-01555 snapshot too old error.. Normally, when we have this error, we are trying to adapt the retention parameters or to tune our queries. SQL> show parameter undo; NAME TYPE VALUE ———————————— ———– —————————— temp_undo_enabled boolean FALSE undo_management string AUTO undo_retention integer 3600 –extended from 900, undo_tablespace string UNDOTBS1 But, are some scenarios where the above rule is not working . We…

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Lazhar Felahi

SQL Tuning – Mix NULL / NOT NULL Values

By | Development & Performance, Oracle | No Comments

One of the difficulty when writing a SQL query (static SQL) is to have in the same Where Clause different conditions handling Null Values and Not Null Values for a predica. Let’s me explain you by an example : Users can entered different values for a user field from an OBI report: – If no value entered then all rows must be returned. – If 1 value entered then only row(s) related to the filter…

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