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Nabil Saoual

JENKINS – Deploy Ansible Playbook with Jenkins plugin

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Hi team As you know Jenkins has over 1700 plugins available which make him one of the most powerful and flexible tool ever created:) so let’s see one of the most interesting plugin:Making builds with Ansible Plugin. What is Ansible? It is a tool to deploy software and application on many servers, it can be really useful in case of update patch or new versions to be added on many machines , with Ansible all…

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Stéphane Haby

Ansible Basics Workshop day @dbi services

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Today, I follow our Workshop Ansible Basics with Jérôme Witt. Why I follow this workshop? First, it’s to have the basics and Best Practices before begin myself and do “bricolage” by my customers. The second point is to develop templates to use and reuse by all customers if needed. Let’s start the course! My first remark is that the Control node cannot be installed on a Windows machine… Not good news for me! 👿 I…

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Joël Cattin

Automating Linux patching with Ansible

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Since the beginning of the year, several vulnerabilities have been discovered in the Linux Kernel as well as in others important and widely-used packages. Among them, there was the famous CVE-2021-3156 affecting the sudo package and allowing any unprivileged user to gain root privileges. This one had a base score of 7.8, which is considered as high. This kind of events demonstrate the importance of having a strong patching strategy to ensure up-to-date softwares and…

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