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Franck Pachot

Foreign Keys in MySQL, SQL, NoSQL, NewSQL

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By Franck Pachot . In the NoSQL times, it was common to hear thinks like “SQL is bad”, “joins are bad”, “foreign keys are bad”. Just because people didn’t know how to use them, or they were running on a database system with a poor implementation of it. MySQL was very popular because easy to install, but lacking on many optimization features that you find in other open source or commercial databases. Sometimes, I even…

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Elisa Usai

The evolution of MySQL authentication mechanism

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The authentication, the first level of security for each IT system, is the stage to verify the user identity through the basic username and password scheme. It is crucial to have a mechanism to protect and secure password storing and transmitting over network. In MySQL, there is plenty of different authentication methods available, and last versions improved the security of this concept.

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Elisa Usai

My first presentation at the DOAG – “MySQL 8.0 Community: Ready for GDPR?”

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This year I participated for the first time to the DOAG, the conference which takes place in November in Nuremberg. Here some key words about this event: Oracle and other technologies, 2000 visitors, more than 400 sessions, more than 800 abstracts sent, exhibitors… And for me everything started when in June I decided to send an abstract for a MySQL session.

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