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Natascha Karfich

redhat event Ansible Automates Zurich

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Here are some fresh personal impressions from the “Ansible Automates Zurich” half day event organized by redhat. There was a overwhelming interest for this event. About 200 people filled the room and there were many more on the waiting list. The event started with a networking lunch. My impression was, that the visitors were not only interested in the food, but also gaining some practical knowledge about Ansible. Most of them are already using Ansible….

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Marc Wagner

Automatic start/stop for CONTROL-M v9

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In this post, I would like to share how to implement automatic Start and Stop for CONTROL-M/Server, CONTROL-M/Agent and CONTROL-M/EM running on Oracle linux 7 individual servers, by implementing some updates in the existing BMC procedure and script. The CONTROL-M should be running version 9 and we are using the internal PostgreSQL database. The user created for CONTROL-M/Server and CONTROL-M/Agent environment is ctmuser, the user created for CONTROL-M/EM environment is emuser. BMC CONTROL-M Workload Automation…

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Install Apache Kafka on Linux

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What is Apache Kafka ? No, Kafka is not only the famous author (, it’s an open-source distributed pub-sub messaging system with powerful skills like scalability and fault tolerance. It’s also a stream processing platform (near real-time) for the streaming datasources. The design of Apache Kafka is strongly influenced by the commit logs. Apache Kafka was originally developed by Linkedin and was subsequently open sourced in early 2011. The installation is pretty simple but need to be…

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