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Stéphane Haby

SQL Server 2017 RTM is available: time to try!

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Now SQL Server 2017 RTM  is available. The first step is to go to the Evaluation Center here After completing the registration with your contact information, you download the file “SQL Server 2017-SSEI-Eval.exe” Run SQL Server 2017-SSEI-Eval.exe and now it begins! A first screen gives me 3 choices to install SQL Server Basic: easy and fast to download and install SQL Server 2017 Custom: Download the setup package and launch the SQL Installation Center Download…

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David Barbarin

SQL Server on Linux: Introduction to DBFS experimental tool

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A couple of months ago, Microsoft announced two additional command line tools for SQL Server that are mssql-scripter and DBFS. The latter has drawn my attention because it exposes live data from SQL Server DMVs as virtual files in a virtual directory on Linux operating system. Microsoft has probably taken another positive step in the SQL Server’s adoption on Linux. Indeed, in a Linux world, we may get Kernel’s performance and configuration data either directly…

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David Barbarin

24 HOP French edition 2017 – Session videos are available

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The 2nd edition of 24HOP French Edition 2017 is over and we had great sessions about SQL Server and various topics ( SQL Server 2017 new features, Azure, PowerBI, High Availability , Linux, Hyper-convergence , Modeling …) If you did not attend to this event, you now have the opportunity to watch the videos of the different sessions. From my side, I had the chance to present SQL Server and High Availability on Linux. Hope to…

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