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David Hueber

OOW Day 3: Oracle Database Appliance and Cloud Computing with OEM

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In my second blog about OpenWorld, I gave an overview of the Engineered Solutions portfolio, which just got enhanced with Exalytics. Today I’m going to focus a bit more on the Database Appliance product and how this box works. I had the chance to go a session called “New! Database Appliance: Secrets revealed”, which provided more information on its architecture and functionalities.

After that I want to highly a interesting use case made by DELL and pointing out the usage of the brand new Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c for Cloud computing.

But before that let’s have a look on the Database Appliance secrets…

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David Hueber

Flying with “Air Oracle”

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Finally after a 18 hours, doors-to-doors, journey I’m arrived in San Francisco for Oracle OpenWorld 2011. My trip started in Basel, making a stop in Paris and then an 11 hours flight to San Francisco. Even with the on-board movies this kind of flight are still quite boring, but the funny things is that I really though that I was flying with “Air Oracle“…

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Oracle Team

SQL Developer 3.0 : prêt pour les DBA

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La nouvelle version d’Oracle SQL Developer (version est prête pour les administrateurs de base de données/DBA (voici une vidéo sur cette version). Elle s’est vue agrémentée d’outils nécessaires aux tâches d’administration. Les tests ci-dessous vous présentent, à travers quelques copies d’écrans, les fonctionnalités de l’outil,  en espérant vous donner l’envie de l’adopter.

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