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Control-M/EM: Cyclic job interval less than 1 min


By default, the minimal execution’s interval of a cyclic job is 1 minute (with the rerun every 0 sec option it will loop instantaneously).

But what happens when you need to rerun it in a interval between 0 and 1 minute?


Let’s use a little trick to achieve that:


1)Job configuration


  • In planning pane create a job
  • When selecting this job, go in “scheduling” tab part and tick the “cyclic” box:




As soon as you define your job as cyclic it will take the default configured value and rerun every (1) minutes from job’s start


  • We will update this part by switching to 0 minute(s) from Job’s start (be careful about using cyclic job to  0 )



  • We also will keep the maximum rerun at 0 for our test:


2)Using sleep command and Control-M/Agent _sleep utility


Depending of the OS where agent is installed, you can use these two commands:


a) For Windows OS :

you have to use the Control-M/Agent _sleep utility  (time in sec):

Definition from Control-M Help ( available on your Control-M workload automation client opening file/help/view help  ):

b) For Unix/Linux OS:

the sleep command with time needed in second


[[email protected] ~]$ sleep 30

[[email protected] ~]$¨


As we are on a Linux machine, we will use the sleep built-in shell function from UNIX.


We will add it to “post-execution” or “pre-execution” command part :


(Note: On older Control-M version (before 8.0.00) it was named pre-cmd and post-cmd)

In our example we have scheduled the job to be executed every 30 sec by using the below syntax:

sleep 30

3)Order job and check log

Having a look on the submission intervals, it appears that we have the expected result ,with job executing every 30 sec:




You can have a slight delay depending of the response time of your machine where the task is running




You are now able to perform cyclic jobs in less than 1 minute intervals by using ths tip.


To get more information, you can consult BMC’s site and of course don’t forget to check dbi’s blogger for more tips and tricks!

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Nabil Saoual
Nabil Saoual