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DB-Upgrade hangs in SE2 waiting on Streams AQ while gathering statistics on LOGMNR-Tables

A couple of weeks ago I upgraded an Oracle Standard Edition 2 test database from to (with the April 2020 Patch Bundle) on Windows. Recently I upgraded the production database. Both upgrades were done with the Database Upgrade Assistant DBUA. I didn’t use AUTOUPGRADE because I had to upgrade only 1 database and the DBUA handles everything for me (including changing the necessary Windows services and update the timezone file).

Both upgrades did hang at the finalizing phase of the components upgrade.

So I checked what the upgrade process is waiting for in the DB:

SQL> select sid, sql_id, event,p1,p2,p3 from v$session 
   2 where status='ACTIVE' and type='USER' and sid not in 
   3 (select sid from v$mystat);

       SID SQL_ID        EVENT                                                 P1         P2         P3
---------- ------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----- ---------- ----------
      1142 fgus25bx1md8q Streams AQ: waiting for messages in the queue      17409 1.4072E+14 2147483647

SQL> set long 400000 longchunksize 200
SQL> select sql_fulltext from v$sqlarea where sql_id='fgus25bx1md8q';

        cursor table_name_cursor  is
                select table_name
                from sys.x$krvxdta x
                where bitand(x.flags, 12) != 0;
        ind number := 1;
   for rec in table_name_cursor loop
        filter_lst(ind).ownname := 'SYSTEM';
        filter_lst(ind).objname := 'LOGMNR_'|| rec.table_name||'';
        ind := ind + 1;
   end loop;
   DBMS_STATS.GATHER_SCHEMA_STATS(OWNNAME=>'SYSTEM', objlist=>obj_lst, obj_filter_list=>filter_lst);

So obviously the upgrade process tried to gather stats on LOGMNR-tables owned by SYSTEM and waits for messages in the scheduler queue SCHEDULER$_EVENT_QUEUE (Object ID 17409). I.e. this is something similar as documented in MOS Note 1559487.1.

The upgrade was stuck at this point. So what to do?

Fortunately I remembered a blog about DBUA being restartable in 12.2. from Mike Dietrich:

Restarting a failed Database Upgrade with DBUA 12.2

So I killed the waiting session:

SQL> select serial# from v$session where sid=1142;


SQL> alter system kill session '1142,59722';

System altered.

Then I let the DBUA run into tons of errors and let it finish his work. To restart it I just clicked on “Retry” in the GUI. After some time DBUA went into an error again. I quickly checked the log-files and clicked again on “Retry”. That time it went through without issues. Checking the log-files and the result of the upgrade showed all components migrated correctly.

So in summary: A failed upgrade (crashed or hanging) with DBUA is not such a bad thing anymore as it was before 12.2. You can just let DBUA (or AUTOUPGRADE) retry its work. Of course, usually you have to fix the reason for the failure before restarting/retrying.

REMARK: See Mike Dietrich’s Blog about resumability and restartability of Autoupgrade here:

Troubleshooting, Restoring and Restarting AutoUpgrade

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