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DBA essentials workshop with release Oracle 12c is Available

It’s with pleasure to announced dbi services have upgrade the infrastructure for Oracle DBA essentials workshop.
We have migrate the release of Oracle 11g R2 to the latest version Oracle 12c features and install the last PSU (April 2016).

During this course you understand different topics:

  • Understand the Oracle database architecture
  • Install and Manage Oracle database
  • Administer Oracle databases with dbi expert certified OCM or ACE director 🙂

For more information about the workshop, please click on the link

Oracle Database release:

SQL> select product, version, status from product_component_version where product like '%Database%';

PRODUCT                                    VERSION              STATUS
------------------------------------------ -------------------- ------------------------------
Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition           64bit Production

Last PSU installed:

SQL> select patch_id, version, status, description from dba_registry_sqlpatch;

---------- -------------------- --------------- ------------------------------------------------------
22291127             SUCCESS         Database Patch Set Update : (22291127)


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