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dbi Tail ranked as the 4th best alternative !

Dear colleagues,

Since the publication of the dbi Tail one year ago, lots of people downloaded, and some reporters wrote articles about it.

We have got many positive feedbacks, and we would like to thank you all for your attention !


The best article is from Softpedia website, and the author made an interesting description of the tool as you can see:


More interesting, in June, the tool was published alongside of the reference on the “Alternative to” website. Since then, the tail from dbi services was moving higher and higher quite without interruption.

At one point in time, it was ranked as the 3rd best alternative of the reference. Today, it is in the 4th position. What a good feeling !


During one year the development of the tail continued, and new features were integrated. The biggest one was to allow SSH connection using a public key authentication, enabling the possibility of connecting without any password. In fact just by using a trusted user public key.

The other one is the ability to quickly navigate between the several “tree” files present in your “etc” folder. In fact this will enhance the user experience by grouping the monitor log files for one context, and the switching to another context (another “tree” file) just in one click.


In the freshly 1.3 version of dbi tail, you can also benefit from some bug fixes and enhancements especially for the Linux environment.

Enjoy continuing to use dbi tail, and do not hesitate to provide your feedback or to like it as well:


dbi tail is an alive open source project, and will continue to be in the future !







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Middleware Team
Middleware Team