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DOAG 2017 – Middleware: Automation and Docker container streams


End of last Month I participated as presenter to the DOAG 2017. It was interesting to see the growing interest on the automatic deployment tools.
I presented the way the Fusion Middleware cloning can be used with such automation tool to lower the time needed to install an environment.
The Fusion Middleware cloning is based on a master installation where all patches, configuration, system components are installed and configured.
Thus, a real time reduction when several identical installations are required (TEST, CA, PROD) and the usage of such automation tool guaranties that all environments are totally identical.
This automation was done using Ansible.

The Oracle Fusion middleware cloning is no more supported in and we decided to move to full installation, patching, WebLogic domaine creation and configuration using Ansible scripts.
This is again a gain of time compared to manual installation even if those a silent installation. Using Ansible playbook is a guarantee that all installation are fully identical and avoids human errors in repetitive tasks.

An other interesting stream at the DOAG was the Docker one. There were a few presentations about the usage of Docker to run WebLogic instances.

Container im Schwarm – Weblogic und Docker Swarm
Docker Container für das Deployment eines WebLogic Clusters
Docker und Oracle’s JDK Grundlagen für Entwickler
Docker for developers

Docker is now supported by Oracle for the WebLogic deployments. There are even Oracle Docker images that can be downloaded.

The presentation quality increase years after years. This is a new challenge to be prepared for next year: DOAG 2018.



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Pascal Brand
Pascal Brand

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