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We speak about the increasing interest in open source technologies since several years and now, in 2018, you even feel that at the DOAG. There are sessions about PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Docker, Kubernetes and much more. As usual we had to do our hard preparation work before the conference opened to the public and prepare our booth and Michael almost came to his limits (and maybe he was not even sure on what he was doing there 🙂 ):


Jerome kicked of the DOAG 2018 for us with one of the very sessions and talked about “Back to the roots: Oracle Datenbanken I/O Management”. That is still an interesting topic and even if it was a session early in the morning the room was almost full.

Elisa continued in the afternoon with her session about MySQL and GPDR and she was deep diving into MySQL data and redo log files:
Dsc_R4qXQAIxs20.jpg:large A very well prepared and interesting talk.

David followed with his favorite topic, which is ODA and the session was “ODA HA, what about VM backups?”:

During the sessions not much is happening at our booth, so there is time for internal discussions:

Finally, in the late afternoon, it was Hans’ (from Mobiliar) and my turn to talk about Oracle, PostgreSQL, Docker and Kubernetes and we have been quite surprised on how many people we had in the room. The room just filled, see yourself:

It seems this is a topic almost everywhere.

And now: Day two at the DOAG, lets see what happens today.

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Daniel Westermann
Daniel Westermann

Principal Consultant & Technology Leader Open Infrastructure