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DOAG 2019: Cloud or Kubernetes on premise and CI/CD pipeline at the top of (my) interest

The DOAG 2019 is just over now and if I check the subject of sessions I was attending, I have the feeling the Cloud and Kubernetes on-premise deployments and CI/CD pipelines were the top subjects interesting people or may be just me !!

I started by a devOps session and then followed a lot of Kubernetes or containers related sessions. The three following sessions are those I directly think about when trying to summarize.

“The Pillars of Continuous Delivery” – Lykle Thijssen

A very interesting session about continuous delivery.

“How to create a solid foundation for Continuous Delivery, based on four pillars: Agile, Microservices, Automation and Cloud. Lykle explained how agile development can reduce time to production by short development cycles, how Microservices make the deployment process easier with less dependencies, how automation can improve test, build and deployment and how cloud can help with the necessary infrastructure. It all hangs together and without a solid foundation, there is always the risk of building a house of cards.”

“Containers Demystified” – Jan Karremans and Daniel Westermann

“If you are looking at implementing Dev/Ops, infrastructure as a code, if you want to adopt the Cloud or seeking to go with Microservices, you will find Containers on you path. After the opportunities that virtualization brought, Containers are the next best thing! Also (and perhaps specifically) looking at databases with containers, it brings specific challenges. Where containers infrastructures are built to fail and database rely on persistency, you have challenges.”

Watch My Services: Prometheus in Kubernetes – Thorsten Wussow

“The monitoring of microservices is a special challenge. In the lecture the problem of a monitoring of microservices will be discussed. Furthermore, various products are briefly considered, with which one can still carry out such a monitoring. Then a demo shows how to set up monitoring in a Kubernetes cluster with the help of Prometheus and Grafana and what to look for.”

A Kubernetes cluster was used in the Oracle Infrastructure Cloud to demonstrate the deployment and the configuration of Promotheus and Grafana.
With Thorsten, it always looks simple when following the demonstration. Now it is is time to implement it.

Kubernetes im Vergleich: Google, AWS, Oracle, Microsoft – Michael Schulze & Borys Neselovskyi

“The presentation gives a brief overview of the architecture and construction of Kubernetes. In addition, useful application scenarios are presented in selected use cases. Later in the talk, we will compare existing Kubernetes cloud solutions from leading vendors (Google, AWS, Oracle and Microsoft). Here, a customer scenario is used as the basis for the comparison. The following criteria play a role: installation, maintenance, performance, monitoring and, of course, costs.”

A nice comparison between the different cloud solutions.

There were some other very interesting sessions but I will not list all of them now.

DOAG 2019 is over. See you next year there in Nuremberg

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