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This year and before taking part to the DOAG in Nuremberg as a referent – Yes I will present at the DOAG this year – I had the opportunity to attend the DOAG IMC Day in Berlin. It was the SIG IMW dedicated to the infrastructure and operating system.

It was my first time in Berlin 🙂 Very nice city.

The event was well organized at the DOAG “Diensleistung”. All the facility was there.

So let’s get back to the event, there was a lots of interesting sessions. At the beginning, Jan-Peter Timmermann presented the DOAG community and how it’s splitted. The event I took part was part of the Middleware community.

After that, Franck Burkhardt started with a session about Forms and security. He presented a retour of experience made during the implementation of Oracle Access Management for an existing CRM environment that was already using an SSO mechanism with AD. The challenge was to use the Windows Native Authentication provided by OAM with web gate and Forms Applications. Forms applications were configured to use SSO. Architectural challenges have been presented.

Then Jan-Peter Timmerman had a useful session about Troubleshooting Oracle FMW 12c Forms/Reports. He presented some issues he had and provide information to begin the investigation and solve them.

Then, there were two interesting sessions around the Cloud; one made by Jan Brosowski and one made by Danilo Schmiedel.

Then it came to the most exciting one of the day for me. It was around Ansible and WebLogic. The presenter, Grzegorz Lysko defined what Ansible is and what we could do with it. He gave some samples on how Fusion Middleware can be easily deployed on multiple hosts including clustering features and Fusion Middleware components. It was the most interesting because I also developed Ansible scripts to deploy production environments running Oracle Fusion Middleware components and I was able to compare the approach I has chosen with mine. The scripts I developed allows to easily deploy in less than 25 minutes an OFM infrastructure including Reports and Forms. The all based on our defined best practices. It checked as well if the Linux requested packages and install them if they are missing. It deploys in the same time the JDK, and our DMK WebLogic that is a kind of management kit which allows to manage easily a WebLogic domain and its system components if some.

The last session cover the JVM internal usage and some known issue we can have with the JVM. Mostly the OOM issue with permspace, heapsize, swapspace and so on.

It was really an interesting day in Berlin for the DOAG. Let’s see them again next year. Why not for presenting something.

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Arnaud Berbier
Arnaud Berbier

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