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DOAG Middleware Day: WebLogic von allen Seiten beleuchtet


This year, I had the opportunity to participate at the Middleware Day organized by the “Deutche Oracle Anwendergruppe” in Düsseldorf. As you expect, all sessions were given in a foreign language – “deutsch sprachige”. I was surprised that all German courses provided by dbi services and offered to their employees to improve language knowledge was not a waste of time. I understood all the sessions, I suppose 😉 On the other side, speak and communicate with other participants was more challenging.

Let’s get back to our concern, the DOAG Middleware Day. So, in this blog post, I will quickly describe the sessions from my point of view without going in the detail. To have more detail, just participate to the event

At the beginning, the “begrüssung und Neues von der DOAG” directly took my attention as there are two interesting other events in Q3 this year.

  • The 23rd of September: Usability and UX-Design mit ADF, Apex und Forms! Verträgt sich das mit Performance? – detail
  • The 24th of September: DOAG OpenStack Day 2015 – detail

And the technical and interesting session began.

The fist one gave us some tips and tricks for Tuning ADF – Web Application im WLS 12c. Some interesting information have been provided. The referent really knew all possibilities of ADF customization and optimization that can be made declaratively in JDeveloper.

The second session gave us some information regarding the Oracle Cloud offer with the Java Cloud service. The referent described what is the Oracle Cloud offering and also the pricing. He also made a demo of the usability and the features provided to an administrator for easily provision his cloud space and make a live demo on how it’s very simple to deploy JEE application from his Netbeans IDE to the Java Cloud Service. He also made an interesting demo of an HTML 5 application on a weblogic server setup in cluster. WebLogic direclty managed the synchronization of each nodes part of a cluster in case of having a websockets application hosted on the cluster.

The third session covers a practical SSO use case demonstrating the architecture and the integration of forms applications to a new CRM system. This covers the following components – Oracle Forms, Reports andDiscoverer, Oracle Access Management, Oracle Internet Directory, Kerberos authentication mechanism, Microsoft Active Directory ASO.

The next session also covered a practical use case but also drawback on implementing WebLogic auf ODA at a customer. He covered the physical architecture and showed use some performances test results.

The last session was concentrated on WebLogic cluster features and capabilities. Unfortunately the main part was a demo which had a problem. The presenter remains cool and was able to manage it quite well.

It was a quite good day in Germany with interesting presentation.

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