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DockerCon2018 Barcelona – Day 1

By December 4, 2018 DevOps, Docker One Comment

As a football fan, traveling to Barcelona without watching a football game is inconceivable, so I started my travel by attending the game against Villareal in Camp Nou  😎



DockerCon Day 1

Today, with David Barbarin, was our first day at DockerCon2018 in Barcelona. The conference is located in a huge conference center and split between types of sessions including workshops, keynotes, hands-on labs, and hallway track.

The first day was only focused on workshops, hands-on labs and hallway track in where you can meet Docker experts and exchange on multiple topics.

Interesting workshops was proposed today, but to follow a workshop you had to register on it before. Fortunately, for the latecomers, a waiting list was here based on first arrived first served.

We started by following a very interesting workshop: Migrating .NET application to Docker Containers.


The instructor presents us, how to migrate a monolithic application to Docker Containers. The starting point was a simple .NET application running into a single container and steps by steps the instructors explain us, through efficient demos, how to split the different services of our application in microservices architecture. We easily had access to a lab environment hosted in Azure through an RDP connection.

The 2 hour workshop was split by the following part:

  1. Building a single .NET application in one Docker Container.
  2. Split the Home page to the rest of the website, by using two containers.
  3. Add an SQL Server database for the data with the persistent storage.
  4. Add an NGINX proxy to redirect requests for the homepage and other pages of the website
  5. Create a container for the API with a connection to the database.
  6. Add a Message queue for the website.


After lunch, we planned to follow another workshop concerning the storage in Docker but the session and the waiting list was full. So we decided to get started with Hands-On Labs. After signing up to the Hands-On Labs, you get access to your own hosted environment and can explore all the features and capabilities of Docker through different labs:

  • Docker for Beginners – Linux
  • Docker for Beginners – Windows
  • Docker EE – an Introduction
  • Docker Security
  • Modernizing Traditional Java Applications
  • Docker EE with Kubernetes


We finally end the day by attending to one of the last workshops of today: Kubernetes Security, by Dimitris Kapadinis. During this workshop, the instructor shows us, the different methods to secure a Kubernetes cluster.

Kubernetes-WS-min (1)

The workshop was composed by the following part:

  1. Create a Kubernetes cluster with Play-with-Kubernetes (or minikube locally).
  2. Create and deploy a simple web application using Kubernetes.
  3. Hack the web application by entering inside the web-app pod.
  4. Protect the application by creating a security context for Kubernetes – Securing Kubernetes components.


It was a very intensive and interesting first day, I learned a lot through the different workshops and labs I done, so see you tomorrow  😉


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