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Documentum story – Build and manage a Documentum Platform

Documentum story. What is behind this story?
Normally I should write Documentum Platform story. Indeed dbi services is involved to build and manage a worldwide Documentum Platform. Our part covers all middleware components related to the infrastructure excepting the OS, DB and applications which are managed by other teams.

So we installed and manage so far:
– 30+ Documentum Servers, 45+ repositories
– 25+ Fulltext Servers,  50+ IndexAgent
– 15+ ADTS servers
– 30+ WebLogic servers, 30+ Domains, 70+ Managed Servers
– 15+ DA and the Content Server part for D2.

As the projects started two years ago, we also had to do some upgrades, patches, hotfixes during this phase.
Why patches and hotfixes? Let me think… Oh yeah to solve issues!

In the next few weeks, a serie of blogs (all starting with Documentum story) will be published to explain how we solved issues, managed challenges we had to deal with and to provide you hint and tips on different subjects.
The project is not finished yet, we had lots to do and some new missions are coming but we think, it is now time to share our experience related to installation, SSL and security, xPlore, Thumbnail server and ADTS, monitoring, WebLogic, SSO, performances, jobs etc.

Hopefully you will learn something with our posts.

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Gérard Wisson
Gérard Wisson

Head of Delivery and Principal Consultant