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Documentum story – Disable PDF automatic generation but allow jpeg

We had a request by a customer where he wanted the pdf automatic rendition to be disabled but keep allowing the jpeg renditions to be used as thumbnails for D2. The pdf is generated by an eternal tool so it wasn’t needed here. Here is what we did:

Login to the ADTS server and edit the following file:

For the repository named “DOCBASE1”, comment the QueueProcessorContext tag as follow and only if it include the dm_autorender_win31 value:

<!-- Start of comment to be added
<QueueProcessorContext DocbaseName="DOCBASE1">
    <CTSServer AttributeName="queueItemName" AttributeValue="dm_autorender_win31"/>
       End of comment to be added -->

Then restart the services

After the restart of the Content Transformation Services, wait for a few minutes and open the CTS log file <CTS_HOME>\logs\CTS_log.txt.

On the CTS log file:
– Ensure that there are no important errors and/or exceptions
– Search for the message “Product ADTS version <CTS_VERSION> is installed on repository: DOCBASE1”

Open the file <CTS_HOME>\logs\Polling_log.txt in order to verify that the changes have been applied successfully.

In this file, find all “DOCBASE1” related CTSLegacyQueueProcessor log entries by searching for the following text:

DOCBASE1 CTSLegacyQueueProcessor

There should not be any matching text in the log file.


Note that you can use the jpeg renditions in the D2 4.5 Preview widget in order to display a kind of preview directly in the D2 interface.

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