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Documentum story – How to avoid “DFC_FILE_LOCK_ACQUIRE_WARN” messages in Java Method Server (jms) LOG

After upgrading from 6.7.x to 7.2, the following warning message is logged in JMS log files: com.documentum.fc.common.DfNewInterprocessLockImpl – [DFC_FILE_LOCK_ACQUIRE_WARN] Failed to acquire lock proceeding ahead with no lock java.nio.channels.OverlappingFileLockException at

By default ACS and ServerApp are pointing to $DOCUMENTUM_SHARED/config/

Adding separate ‘’ cache folder location in ACS and ServerApp
After JAVA Method Server restart, two separate cache folders are created inside $DOCUMENTUM_SHARED/jboss7.1.1/server and then, WARNING messages had gone from acs.log.

In fact, this is just a warning that someone else has acquired lock on the physical file (in this case it is dfc.keystore).  Since ServerApps (Method Server) and ACS are invoking DFC simultaneously and both try to acquire lock on dfc.keystore file and Java throws OverlappingFileLockException. Then DFC warns that it could not lock the file and proceeds without lock. Ideally this should be just info message in this case, where file lock is acquired for read-only. But the same logic is used by other functionality like registry update and BOF Cache update, where this failure should be treated as genuine warning or error. Going forward, engineering will have to correct this code by taking appropriate actions for each functionality. There is no functional impact to use different data directory folder.

Please proceed as below to solve It:

  • Login to the Content Server
  • Change the current user to dmadmin :(administrator account)
  • Create some folders using:
 mkdir $DOCUMENTUM_SHARED/ServerApps


  • Update all necessary files (with vi editor):



⇒ Add at the end of this file the following line:$DOCUMENTUM_SHARED/acs



⇒ Add at the end of this file the following line:$DOCUMENTUM_SHARED/ServerApps



⇒ Add at the end of this file the following line:$DOCUMENTUM_SHARED/bpm


  • Verify that the recently created folders are empty using:
ls -l acs/ ServerApps/ bpm/


  • Restart the JMS using:
sh -c "cd $DOCUMENTUM_SHARED/jboss7.1.1/server;./"
sh -c "$DOCUMENTUM_SHARED/jboss7.1.1/server/"



  • Verify that the recently created folders are now populated with default files and folders using:
ls -l acs/ ServerApps/ bpm/

Files must not be empty now.

  • Disconnect from the Content Server.


Using this procedure, you won’t see this WARNING message anymore.

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