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Documentum upgrade project: D2-Client and missing icons

The new D2-Client does not correctly display the icon for some formats. This usually happens when the icon.css is not up to date based on the content format in the repository. The solution is to find these formats and update the icon.css.

Here is the solution in three simple steps:

1) Find all formats described in icon.css

grep -B1 formats icon.css | cut -f1 -d"{" | grep SPAN | cut -f2 -d. > format.txt

icon.css is located on the application server under”…\webapps\D2-Client\styles\defaults\css”

2) Find which format in the repository is not defined in icon.css using a dql query

Use the value in format.txt from previous step to build the dql query:

select distinct a_content_type from dm_document(all)
where a_content_type not in
.... .

3) Update icon.css with the missing formats

Let’s take an example: For msw2007, I added:

SPAN.msw2007 {  BACKGROUND-IMAGE: url(/D2-Client/servlet/GetResource/images/icons/formats/doc-small.gif) }

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GĂ©rard Wisson
GĂ©rard Wisson

Head of Delivery and Principal Consultant