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Documentum xPlore – ftintegrity tool not working

I’ve been patching around some xPlore servers for a while and recently I went into an issue regarding the ftintegrity tool. Maybe you figured it out as well, for xPlore 1.5 Patch 15 the ftintegrity tool available in $DSEARCH_HOME/setup/indexagent/tools was corrupted by the patch.
I think for some reason the libs were changed and the tool wasn’t able to load anymore. I asked EMC and they said it was a known bug which will be fixed in next release.

So I came to patch it again when the Patch 17 went out (our customer processes doesn’t allow us to patch every month, so I skipped the Patch 16). After patching, I directly started the ftintegrity tool in order to check that everything was fixed, and…. no.

In fact yes, but you have something to do before making it work. The error you have is like ‘Could not load because config is NULL’, or ‘ not found’. I found these error kinda strange, so I wondered if the ftintegrity tool script was patched as well. And the answer is no, the script is still the same but the jar libraries have been changed, that means that the script is pointing to the wrong libraries and it can’t load properly.

Thus the solution is simple, I uninstalled the Index Agent and installed it again right after. The ftintegrity tool script was re-created with the good pointers to the new libraries. Little tip: If you have several Index Agents and don’t want to re-install them all, you may want to copy the content of the updated ftintegrity tool script and paste it into the other instances (do not forget to adapt it because it may point to different docbases).

To summary, if you have issues regarding the execution of the ftintegrity tool, check the libraries call in the script and try to re-install it in order to have the latest one.

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