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Documentum xPlore: Several ways to start an Index Agent

In order to start index agents, you have several ways, depending on how you need to start them.

1. Use the documentum job dm_FTIndexAgentBoot. If you setup start_index_agents=T in the server.ini, the job will be called when the docbases are started.

2. Use the web interface:
Login to http://server:9200/IndexAgent/ with docbase credentials and select “Start in normal mode”

3. Login to DA and go to Indexing Management -> Index Agents and Index Servers
Right click on an index agent and select “Start Agent”

4. Use IAPI command to start it:

select index_name from dm_fulltext_index;
select object_name from dm_ftindex_agent_config;


5. Use Java:
java -cp $DM_HOME/lib/server-impl.jar:$DOCUMENTUM/dfc/dfc.jar com.documentum.server.impl.utils.IndexAgentCtrl -docbase_name <docbasename> -user_name <username> -action start


  • Alain Molimard says:

    Nice resume.
    On option 5, do you know if there is a way to specifiy a node when running in an HA configuration (two IndexAgent)?



  • Deepinti Bhuwalka says:

    While searching a particular word “Foot” the webtop is throwing the below error. I did not get any error while searching the same string from DA. Have cleared the cache and tmp folder in the application server with a restart but that did not fix the issue. Any help on the issue will be appreciated.

    Started index server and index agent still facing same issue

    [DM_API_E_EXIST]error: “Document/object specified by 0901469080a692b1 does not exist.”

    After closing this window, press the Refresh or Reload button on your browser to continue.

    Stack Trace:

    DfIdNotFoundException:: THREAD: [ACTIVE] ExecuteThread: ‘4’ for queue: ‘weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)’; MSG: [DM_API_E_EXIST]error: “Document/object specified by 0901469080a692b1 does not exist.”; ERRORCODE: 100; NEXT: null

    at com.documentum.fc.client.impl.docbase.DocbaseExceptionMapper.newException(

    at com.documentum.fc.client.impl.connection.docbase.MessageEntry.getException(

    at com.documentum.fc.client.impl.connection.docbase.DocbaseMessageManager.getException(

    at com.documentum.fc.client.impl.connection.docbase.netwise.NetwiseDocbaseRpcClient.checkForMessages(

    • Stephane Biehler says:

      Hi Deepinti,

      sorry for the late answer, maybe you can try the following:

      Check if the file exists in the Docbase:
      select * from dm_sysobject where r_object_id=’0901469080a692b1′;

      If it does exist, check if the object is indexed, you can login to the Dsearch web interface and search in the docbase’s data.

      Now, if the error, comes only when you search in Webtop and not in DA that means it tries to do something with this file, and if the file doesn’t exist anymore that means it’s cached somewhere. Can you tell me what king of document is it?

  • Ravinder Singh says:

    Hey Stephane,

    First of all THANKS a TON for sharing nice column with details; I have few questions related to this.

    1- When I use api method to start Index agent (which I do always from UI and trying to automate it from script now); even it is down its status shows as 200(which I believe is UP); could you please let me know why is that so?

    2- When I am using JAVA method it gives me errors like “[DFC_PREFERENCE_LOAD_FAILED] Failed to load persistent preferences from null”

    Though I tried to add CLASSPATH in DOT profile and even set it on console before running java -cp command but same error, any idea on it please?

    Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.

    R. Singh

  • Stephane Biehler says:


    1- The code for the index agents are as follow:
    0 = Running
    100 = Web server started but Agent not started
    200 = Index Agent stopped
    2- Verify that the file is in the class path
    If you still have issues please tell me

  • Ganesh says:

    I tried to check the index agent status through the JAVA cmd:java -cp $DM_HOME/lib/server-impl.jar:$DOCUMENTUM/dfc/dfc.jar com.documentum.server.impl.utils.IndexAgentCtrl -docbase_name -user_name -action status.. But i’m getting the below error.

    Could not find or load the main class com.documentum.server.impl.utils.IndexAgentCtrl.

    Can anyone help with this?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Stephane Biehler says:

      Hi Ganesh, this error means that it couldn’t find the class in the classpath.
      What version are you using, and make sure the $DM_HOME is set properly and contains the 2 specified jar files from the example.

      Best regards

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Stephane Biehler
Stephane Biehler