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So Momentum is over, Philippe Schweitzer and I finished with a 4 hours hackaton session. For Philippe the subject was “Developing an EMC Documentum application with REST, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Node.js and” and I choosed “From the Ground Up – Developing an EMC InforArchive Solution”.

But the main subject in this post is more to thank all people we met during these four enriching days, EMC people – who hold the sessions, who made demos on the booths, Catherine Weiss – Partner Sales Manager, who introduced us to great people. Also thank you to people from fme, Reveille Software, Flatiron with whom we had good discussions.

The atmosphere was amazing, not only during the working days but also in the evening events organized by EMC.
So to be short, Momemtum 2015 was a great and successful journey.

Philippe and Gerard

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Gérard Wisson
Gérard Wisson

Head of Delivery and Principal Consultant