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How to rename an existing Fusion Middleware WebLogic Domain

Some times it happens that we need to rename an existing fusion Middleware WebLogic domain. I was asked to do such on a Fusion Middleware Reports & Forms environment.
I took some time to check how this can be done and did some testing to confirm it works as expected. The difficulty is not the WebLogic Domain itself as a WebLogic domain can be created quickly but it is time consuming if the complete configuration has to be redone like SSL, logging settings, etc and what about the system components.

I used pack and unpack to rename the FMW WebLogic Domain.

Let’s say I wanted to rename a Fusion Middleware Forms & Reports WebLogic domain named fr_domain in fr_domain_new

First I used pack to create the domain archive:

cd $MW_HOME/oracle_common/common/bin
./ -domain /u01/config/domains/fr_domain -template $HOME/fr_domain.jar -template_name full_fr_domain

Then using unpack, I changed the domain directory path thus the domain name.

./ -domain /u01/config/domains/fr_domain_new -template /home/oracle/fr_domain.jar -user_name weblogic -password Welcome1 -server_start_mode prod -app_dir /u01/config/applications/fr_domain_new -java_home $JAVA_HOME

Of course the JAVA_HOME environment variable needs to be set before.

This simply worked but I had to recreate the security files  for the Administration Server and Managed Servers ( if needed and those for the system Components.

To create the security files for the System Components, the Node Manager needs to be started

export WEBLOGIC_DOMAIN_HOME=/u01/config/domains/fr_domain_new/
nohup ${WEBLOGIC_DOMAIN_HOME}/bin/ >> ${WEBLOGIC_DOMAIN_HOME}/nodemanager/nohup-NodeManager.out 2>&1 &

And then start once the System  components with the storeUserConfig option. for example:

cd /u01/config/domains/fr_domain_new/bin 
./ ohs1 storeUserConfig
./ vm01_reportsServer storeUserConfig

This was for a simple WebLogic Domain on a single machine. For clustered WebLogic Domains installed on several hosts, the pack and unpack needs to be used again to dispatch the WebLogic Managed  Servers on the targeted machines.

As example, to create the archive files for the Managed Servers to be installed on remote machines:

$MW_HOME/oracle_common/common/bin/ -managed=true -domain /u01/config/domains/fr_domain_new -template /home/oracle/fr_domain_new.jar -template_name fr_domain_new



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