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Italian Oracle User Group Tech Days 2019

The Italian Oracle User Group (ITOUG) is an independent group of Oracle enthusiasts and experts which work together as volunteers to promote technical knowledge sharing in Italy.

Here the ITOUG Board members:

This year ITOUG Tech Days take place in Milan on 30th January and in Rome on 1st February. Two different streams for each event:
– Database
– Analytics and Big Data
Today I participated to the event in Milan.
But before talking about that, ITOUG Tech Days started with the speakers’ dinner on Tuesday evening in Milan: aperitif, good Italian food and very nice people.
ITOUG Speakers Dinner

On Wednesday morning, we all met at Oracle Italia in Cinisello Balsamo (MI):

After the welcome message by some ITOUG Board members:
ITOUG Welcome  Msg
sessions finally started. I attended the following ones of the Database stream:

– “Instrumentation 2.0: Performance is a feature” by Lasse Jenssen from Norway
We have to understand what’s going on into a system, performance is a feature and we need instrumentation. Oracle End-to-End metrics, new tags in 12c, v$sql_monitor, dbms_monitor… And work in progress for instrumentation 3.0 with ElasticSearch, LogStash and Kibana.

– “Hash Join Memory Optimization” by one of the ITOUG Board member, Donatello Settembrino
How Hash Join works and how to improve PGA consumption performances. Examples of partitioning (to exclude useless data), (full) Partitioning Wise Join (to use less resources) and parallelism. Differences between Right-Deep Join Trees and Left-Deep Join Trees, and concept of Bushy Join Trees in 12R2.

– “Design your databases using Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler” by Heli Helskyaho from Finland
Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler with SQL Developer or in a standalone mode to design your database. It uses Subversion integrated in the tool for the version control and management. It has also support for other databases, MySQL for example. And it’s free.

– “Bringing your Oracle Database alive with APEX” by Dimitri Gielis from Belgium
Two things to learn from this session:
1) Use Oracle Application Express to design and develop a web application.
2) And Quick SQL to create database objects and build a data model.
And all that in a very fast way.

– “Blockchain beyond the Hype” by one of the ITOUG Board member, Paolo Gaggia
The evolution of blockchain from bitcoin to new Enterprise-Oriented implementation and some interesting use cases.

Every session was very interesting: thanks to the great and amazing speakers (experts working on Oracle technologies, Oracle ACE, Oracle ACE Director…) for their sharing.

Follow the Italian Oracle User Group on Twitter (IT_OUG) and see you at the next ITOUG event!

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