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Licensable targets and Management Packs with EM13c

When you add a new target in Enterprise Manager 13c , the management packs are enabled by default. This could be a problem in case of a LMS control, and to avoid any problem, you have to  manually disable those management packs.

If like me you recently have moved your database infrastructure to a new one and have to add one hundred targets, you will have to click some hundredth of times on the management packs page in EM13C.

As you can see I added a new Oracle Database target and all the management packs are enabled:



There is a possibility to define the way EM13c manages the licensable targets. In the management Packs page , you select Auto Licensing, you select the packs you want to disable, and the next time you will add a new target (oracle database host database or weblogic), only the packs you have defined as enabled will be defined for the targets you decided to add:


I decided to keep enabled only the Database Tuning Pack and Database Diagnostics Pack.


And now the management packs are correct when I add a new database target:


I have missed this feature for a long time, I would have earned a lot of time avoiding deactivating the packs in Enterprise Manager Cloud Control :=)



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