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Momentum16 – Day 2 – What’s new in Documentum 7.3 ?

As described in my last post related to Momentum 16, I was excited to see the session “What’s new in Documentum 7.3”. Do not worry, I could slept last night. But are my expectations fulfilled?


So yesterday I wrote about PostgreSQL which will decrease the cost of the DB licensing and then your TCO. It seems that based on benchmarks, there is still some place for small improvements to have the same performance as with traditional DBs. Dell EMC is working on it with the PostgreSQL experts. Let’s see with real case and based on the applications usage.


So a lot of news have been described. In this post, I will list some of them which will help me and my team to deliver even better service. Of course this has to be tested and see if those news can really be applied on our customer’s platforms.

  • Docker and Documentum: starting with Documentum 7.3, docker is now supported. Not only the Content Server but also D2, xCP, aso… So I guess this could help us when we have to build a platform. Using docker images as templates for the Content Server, D2 and their web servers for instance.
  • Renaming repository name: this can be helpful in case you build a docker image which can then be used as a template for your Content Server
  • Renaming Docbase ID: same as for the previous point. Building a docker image, using it for a container, changing the docbase name and ID to have the Content Server and repositories installed as you need.
  • Changing the installation owner: can this be used in case you have to move one repository to another Content Server installation where the installation owner is not the same? This has to be studied and tested…
  • Dormant State for non-Admins: With this new feature you can work on your repository but the normal users cannot access it. So for maintenance tasks, I think this can be helpful too.
  • Upgrade process without touching the database: this should decrease the upgrade time.
  • JDK update tool: with this tool, the JDK patches and security update can be applied. This can not be used to upgrade to a new major version (like from Java 7 to Java 8).
  • Xplore 1.6: fast search within folders, non admin reports are some enhancements in the fulltext area.
  • UCF will no more be used, this is replaced by an Applet-free transfer where there is no more dependencies with the JRE plugin or applet.


In addition to that, SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On, Cross Forest Kerberos, more REST Services, CMIS 1.1 are also some new features coming with Document 7.3! So I hope that we can download this new version in few weeks so we can play with, do tests and see how this can fit with our daily work and future visions.


Now two questions:

  •  Are my expectations fulfilled?
    I would say yes at 90%. Regarding the remaining 10%, I talked to the Content Server and D2 product managers and they were able to give me some answers which comfort me for the future.
  • Am I more exited now compared to yesterday, waiting for the session? I guess yes 🙂


New tasks and challenges are coming…

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Gérard Wisson
Gérard Wisson

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