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By Franck Pachot

Today at UKOUG TECH16 conference I’m presenting the internals of the new multitenant architecture: 12c Multitenant: Not a Revolution, Just an Evolution. My goal is to show how it works, that metadata links and object links are not blind magic.
Here are the links to the blog posts I’ve published about multitenant internals.

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The dictionary separation, METADATA LINK and OBJECT LINK (now called DATA LINK): :
An exemple with the AWR views:
How the upgrades should work:
What about shared pool rowcache and library cache:
And how to see when session switches to CDB$ROOT:
Added later, the V$ views using VPD-like row level security
More about PDB replay DDL for common users and pdb_plug_in_violations:

If you are in Birmingham, I’m speaking on Monday and Wednesday.


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