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Unbelievable! After more than 10 years working in the Oracle Database environment, this year was my first participation at the DOAG Conference + Exhibition.

After a relaxed travel to Nürnberg with all the power our small car could provide on the German Autobahn, we arrived at the Messezentrum.
With the combined power of our dbi services’ team, the booth was ready in no time and we could switch to the more relaxed part of the day and ended up in our hotel’s bar with other DOAG participants.

The next few days were a firework of valuable sessions, stimulating discussions and some after hour parties who gave me to think about my life decisions and led me to the question: Why did it take me so long for participating in the DOAG Conference + Exhibition?

It would make this post unreadable long and boring if I would sum up all sessions I attended.
So I will just mention a few highlights with the links to the presentations:


Boxing Gloves Vectors by

And of course, what must be mentioned is The Battle: Oracle vs. Postgres: Jan Karremans vs. Daniel Westermann

The red boxing glow (for Oracle) represents Daniel Westermann, Oracle expert for many many years who now is the Open Infrastructure Technologie Leader @ dbi services, while Jan Karremans, Senior Sales Engineer at Enterprise DB put on the blue glow (for Postgres). The room was fully packed with over 200 people who have more sympathy for Oracle.

The Battle: Oracle vs. Postgres

The Battle: Oracle vs. Postgres

Knowing how much Daniel loves the Open Source database it was inspiring to see how eloquent he defended the Oracle system and brought Jan multiple times into troubles.
It was a good and brave fight between the opponents in which Daniel had the better arguments and gained a win after points.
For the next time, I would wish to see Daniel on the other side defending Postgres because I am sure he could fight down almost every opponent.

In the end, this DOAG was a wonderful experience and I am sure it won’t take another 10 years until I come back.

PS: I could write about the after party, but as you know, what happens at the after party stays at the after party expect the headache, this little b… stays a little bit longer.

PPS: On the last day I’ve got a nice little present from virtual7 for winning the F1 grand prix challenge. I now exactly on which dbi event we will open this bottle, stay tuned…


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