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The last Week end Oracle has proceeded to a new upgrade into the Oracle Cloud.

For the Data Region EMEA Oracle Database Public Cloud Services had maintenance on :

  • Oracle Java Cloud Service
  • Oracle Database Cloud Service

Unfortunately it is impossible to know what specific changes  have been made in the Cloud and currently there is no exhaustive list available from Oracle Cloud Team.

Here we will  see the principal changes on the Oracle Database Cloud.

At the instance level

New Meterings and Utilization

In this new release we have a new description for the OCPUs (Red color). You can choose between Hourly or Monthly for your utilization and in green color we can see your utilization during the last month or hourly.



At the Node

Currently it’s possible to make a Scale Down for the OPCUs. Be careful for any such action a reboot of the instance is necessary.

The system will restart automatically

Scale Down

Just click “Yes, Scale UP/Down Service.

Request accepted


Instance restart


After completing the Scale Up you no longer have two OCPUs but only one.


The array see below shows us that we have any different  CPU on linux by LSCPU command and also that cpu_count provide by a show parameter in SqlPlus is also different after the Scale Down Service.

Before  Scale Down                                           After Scale Up


To finish we have still a new concerning the storage and the Rac.

New Storage

We can now to extend the Backup storage and Data storage by a simple click. Just click on Scale Up/Down Service and add storage.

stoage r

This extention is only available on the database as a service.

Configuration Rac database

From this week it is possible to use the Rac database 12c only with EE extreme performance and 2 OCPUs minimun.


Be careful the Data Guard is currently  not available in the Cloud but is available  on hybrid (On promise to the Cloud).

To be continued …

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Olivier Toussaint
Olivier Toussaint