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ODA X6 2S 2M 2L HA: Small Medium Large and High Availability

By August 14, 2017 Oracle 2 Comments

By Franck Pachot

There are 4 models of Oracle Database Appliance with the new ODA X6 which is for the moment the latest ODA hardware version. One is similar to the previous X5-2 one, and 3 smaller ones known as ODA Lite. They are 1 year old already, here is a small recap of the differences and links to more detail.


The ODA X6 are composed with Oracle Server X6-2:

  • ODA X6-2S has one server
  • ODA X6-2M has one server
  • ODA X6-2L has one server
  • ODA X6-2HA is a cluster of two servers with one shared storage shelf (DE3-24C). It can be expanded with one or two additional storage shelf.

Those servers have 2 USB 2.0 ports accessible (2 in front, 2 in back) and 2 internal USB ports.
They have one serial console (SER MGT/RJ-45 connector) port. And One VGA DB-15 connector, easier to plug before you put the cable rails. Resolution: 1,600 x1,200×16 MB @ 60 Hz. Note that the resolution is 1,024 x 768 when viewed remotely via Oracle ILOM).
Each server has 2 redundant power supplies (hot swappable).

Rack Unit

  • ODA X6-2S is 2U
  • ODA X6-2M is 2U
  • ODA X6-2L is 4U
  • ODA X6-2HA is 6U (up to 10U with storage expansions)


The processor of X6 servers is an Intel 2.2GHz 10-Core Xeon E5-2630 v4, 85W
Level 1: 32 KB instruction and 32 KB data L1 cache per core
Level 2: 256 KB shared data and instruction L2 cache per core
Level 3: 25 MB shared inclusive L3 cache per processor

  • ODA X6-2S has 1 processor: 10 cores
  • ODA X6-2M has 2 processors: 20 cores
  • ODA X6-2L has 2 processors: 20 cores
  • ODA X6-2 HA has two servers with 2 processors each: 40 cores

The core factor of the processor is 0.5 and you can license the full capacity for Enterprise Edition: 5 licenses for one ODA X6-2S, 10 licenses for one ODA X6-2M or 2L, 20 licenses for ODA X6-2 HA. You can also run NUP licenses with a minimum of 125 NUP for one ODA X6-2S, 250 NUP for one ODA X6-2M or 2L, 500 NUP for ODA X6-2 HA.
Of course, you can do Capacity on Demand on all models, so the minimum processor license is 1 license for ODA Lite (when 2 cores only are enabled) or 2 licenses for ODA HA because the nodes must by symmetric (except if you run only one node). In NUP, it means 25 NUP minimum for ODA Lite or 50 NUP for ODA HA.

On ODA Lite (2S, 2M, 2L) you can choose to run Standard Edition. Then you count the number of processors: 1 license for ODA X6-2S, 2 licenses for one ODA X6-2M or 2L. When in Standard Edition 2 you can license in NUP with the minimum of 10 NUP per server.


The X6 servers have 14 DIMM slots and are partially populated with 32GB DIMMs (DDR4-2400).

  • ODA X6-2S has 4 slots populated: 128GB RAM. It can be expanded with additional 8 DIMMs for 384GB
  • ODA X6-2M has 8 slots populated: 256GB RAM. It can be expanded with additional 16 DIMMs for 512GB or 768GB which populates all the slots.
  • ODA X6-2L has 8 slots populated: 256GB RAM. It can be expanded with additional 16 DIMMs for 512GB or 768GB which populates all the slots.
  • ODA X6-2 HA has 8 slots populated per server: 256GB RAM. It can be expanded with additional 16 DIMMs for 512GB or 768GB which populates all the slots.


ODA Lite:
2x 10GbE SFP+ (fiber) and 2x 10GBase-T (copper) ports for ODAX6-2S (4x 10GBase-T for 2M and 2L)
InfiniBand interconnect, 4x 10GBase-T (copper) ports (bonded to provide two public interfaces) or optional 2x 10GbE SFP+ (fiber) per server and one pair of 10GBase-T will be used for interconnect.


The servers have two 2.5″ 480GB SAS-3 SDDs disks in front, mirrored for the Operating System and the Oracle Database Software

ODA X6-2S and 2M have additional two 2.5″ 3.2TB NVMe PCIe 3.0 SSD disks for DATA and RECO disk groups (6.4TB raw capacity, 2.4TB double-mirrored, 1.6TB triple-mirrored)
They are expandable to 12.8 TB with two additional disks.

ODA X6-2L has six 3.5-inch disk bays are populated with 3.2TB SSDs (19.2TB raw capacity, 9.6TB double-mirrored, 6.4TB triple-mirrored)
They are expandable to 28.8 TB with two additional disks.

ODA X6-HA has a storage shelf, as previous X5 model (similar but not compatible), but with SSD and lower capacity for DATA: 10x SAS SSD flash 1.2TB (1.6 formatted to 1.2, over-provisioned for write performance because of garbage collection) which means 12 TB (12TB raw capacity, 6TB double-mirrored, 4TB triple-mirrored) expandable to 24 TB in the same chassis. You can add another storage shelf with additional 24TB.

Note that latest ODA X5 had 16x 8TB disks, so 128TB so X6-HA has higher performance but decreased capacity.

Virtualization, High Availability

Virtualization with OVM is only for ODA X6-HA. Only one VM per node has the resources to run Oracle Databases. You can add additional ‘Guest VMs’ for your applications (not for databases as the I/O is optimal only in the ODA Base VM). You can define VLANs.

The ODA Lite (2S/2M/2L) cannot run applications on guest VMs as they are bare metal only. If you want to run applications on ODA Lite, you can now use KVM, but remember that you still need to license all activated cores for each product because KVM is only ‘soft partitioning’ for Oracle LMS.

High Availability (with RAC) is only for ODA X6-HA.
A standby database to another ODA is possible for all models: Data Guard when in Enterprise Edition, or manual standby (we recommend Dbvisit standby – see one of our customer case study when in Standard Edition.


According to the Price List (

  • ODA X6-2S costs USD 18000
  • ODA X6-2M costs USD 24000
  • ODA X6-2L costs USD 40000
  • ODA X6-2 HA costs USD 72000

Full specifications

The full specification is available in the Oracle System Handbook:

A simple presentation is in the 3D view:



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