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OOW Day 2: Enjoying Oracle’s Real World Performance show

I have had the pleasure to go the Real World Performance presentation with the famous Tom Kyte of the Ask Tom blog, Andrew Holdsworth, Head of Oracle’s Real World Performance Team, and Graham Wood, the legendary Oracle Database performance architect.


This was not a session but more a show like in a theater! Each of them had a precise role, DBA, chief of development team, system administrator, and Enterprise Manager Cloud 12c showing us in real time the performance problems that occurred during their demonstration.

They demonstrated that errors made by DBA’s or developers are the same since 10 years like open_cursors or cursor_sharing values badly defined, connection pool, etc.

Each actor really showed the typical behavior of his job, the DBA increased open_cursors to 20 000, the developer team discovered the connection pool feature, and everyone played like actors on a theatre scene :=)

But even if those three rock stars were kidding, they spoke seriously about the best practices for designing hardware architectures and how to develop applications that deliver the best possible performance.

If you have time and money, you can follow the Real World Performance Tour, they will soon be in Australia, India, and South America.

You can also enjoy it on YouTube:

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