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OpenShift 4.1 Partner Introduction Day

By September 18, 2019 DevOps, Kubernetes No Comments

Today was the OpenShift Partner Introduction Day by RedHat. This event happened at Lausanne
There were people with different backgrounds.

After presenting the RedHat compagny, the speaker explained what is Openshifts and why people must adopt it.
What we will retain is that OpenShift is trusted enterprise Kubernetes

With OpenShift we can for example
-Automated, full-stack installation from the container host to application services
-Seamless Kubernetes deployment to any cloud or on-premises environment
-Autoscaling of cloud resources
-One-click updates for platform, services,and applications

The new features in the version 4.1 were presented. The speaker also showed the Red Hat Openshift business value

The notions of Ansible Playbooks, Operator, CRI-O, Helm … were also explained.
The speaker also did a little demonstration of creating a small project with OpenShift.
Below the speaker during the demonstration

This was a very interesting event. It was general and allowed people to understand where Openshift is located in the architecture of containerization. But we have to retain that there are lot of components to understand when using OpenShift

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Mouhamadou Diaw
Mouhamadou Diaw