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First day of the #OTEW here at the Austria International Center in Vienna, Guillaume Fuchs and I where invited to assist to the Partner Global sessions.

Welcome to OTEW Vienna 2019

img4Mark J. Barrenechea, the OpenText’s CEO & CTO, started the day with some generic topics concerning the global trends and achievements like:

  • More and More partners and sponsors
  • Cloud integration direction
  • Strong security brought to customers
  • AI & machine learning new trend
  • New customer wave made of Gen Z and millennials to consider
  • OpenText #1 in Content Services in 2018
  • Turned to the future with Exabytes goals (high level transfers and storage)
  • Pushing to upgrade to version 16 with most complete Content Platform ever for security and integration
  • Real trend of SaaS with the new OT2 solutions

OpenText Cloud and OT2 is the future


Today the big concern is the sprawl of data, OpenText is addressing this point by centralizing data and flux and create an information advantage. Using Cloud and OT2 SaaS, PaaS will open the business to every thing.

OT2 is the EIM as a service, it’s an hybrid cloud platform that brings security and scalability to customers solutions which you can integrates to leading applications like O365 Microsoft Teams, Documentum and more, it provides SaaS as well. One place for your data and many connectors to it. More info on it to come, stay tuned.

Smart View is the default

Smart View is the new OpenText UI default for every components such as D2 for documentum, SAP integration, Extended ECM, SuccessFactor and so on.


Documentum and D2

New features:

  • Add documents to subfodlers without opening folder first
  • Multi-items download -> Zip and download
  • Download phases displayed in progress bar
  • Pages editable inline with smart view
  • Possibility to add widgets in smart view
  • Workspace look improved in smart view
  • Image/media display improved: Galery View with sorting, filters by name
  • Threaded discussion in smart view look and feel
  • New permission management visual representation
  • Mobile capabilities
  • Integrated in other lead applications (Teams, SAP, Sharepoint and so on…)


OpenText Roadmap

OpenText trends are the following:

  • New UI for products: Smart View: All devices, well integrated to OT2
  • Content In Context
    • Embrace Office 365, with Documentum integration
    • Integration of documentum in SAP
  • Push to Cloud
    • More cloud based product: Docker, Kubernetes
    • Run applications anywhere with OpenText Cloud, Azure, AWS, Google
    • SaaS Applications & Services on OT2
  • Line Of Business
    • SAP applications
    • LoB solutions like SuccessFactors
    • Platform for industry solutions like Life Science, Engineering and Government
  • Intelligent Automation
    • Information extraction with machine learning (Capture)
    • Cloud capture apps for SAP, Salesforce, etc
    • Drive automation with Document Generation
    • Automatic sharing with OT Core
    • Leverage Magellan and AI
    • Personal Assistant / Bots
  • Governance:
    • Smart Compliance
    • GDPR and DPA ready
    • Archiving and Application decommissioning


After this first day at OTEW we can see that OpenText is really pushing on new UI with Smart View, as well as centralized services and storage with OT2 and OpenText Cloud solutions. Content Services will become the angular stone for all content storage with plugged interfaces and components provided by the OT2 platform.

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